Marilia Soto

March 17, 2017

4 Great Reasons to Learn Spanish

With globalization and a more competitive job market, Spanish is getting more attention from students around the world. It’s the second most spoken language in North America, is spoken not only in Spain and most of the American continent, but also in some parts of the Philippines, some Caribbean islands, and many other areas around the world. Spanish is constantly growing in popularity through music, popular culture and the increase in Latin population. For this reason, Spanish immersion programs have gained popularity in every Spanish-speaking country and thousands of people are choosing to participate in said programs. While there are many reasons to learn Spanish, some of the most popular include: If you learn Spanish, you will stand out from the crowd in a very competitive job market. You will be able to apply for jobs around the world and have a great opportunity to improve your work profile and to get to know other cultures, which you can get a head start with a Spanish immersion program. As the Hispanic population is one of the fastest growing in the U.S. and many people come from Spanish speaking families; you will have the opportunity to meet more people and create strong relationships with […]
March 1, 2017

My Lam – Everett, Massachusetts, USA

To those students who have chosen the Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) to learn Spanish, I say, “Congratulations, you made the right choice!” As a former student who has studied 4 months there, I can say this school will meet your every expectation. If students take advantage of all that the school has to offer, they will leave Costa Rica speaking a lot more Spanish than when they arrived. Through its Spanish lessons, cooking and dancing activities, conversational classes, and staff, CRLA has an environment that will provide students a better understanding of Ticos and their friendly culture. In all aspects of the school, quality is premium. The Spanish teachers are fantastic and very knowledgeable. Professional and well qualified with their degrees from area universities, they make classes fun, productive and effective. They will squeeze every bit of Spanish out of you before you leave! As with all subjects, styles vary among students when learning Spanish. Teachers do a great job to accommodate individual needs to maximize the student’s time at the school. Also, not all learning has to take place in the classroom. Often teachers take their classes out to the city, some heading for a stroll to the downtown area […]
March 1, 2017

Varum and Shabnam Frei, Switzerland

I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience with your school. For the first time I have come across an institution which delivers exactly as they promise on the website. Me and my son have felt well looked after, safe, and all our needs were taken care of in a happy friendly way. The quality of teaching and all the services was excellent. I shall recommend this school to everyone I know and meet, and try and come back again to you. Thank you very much. Pura Vida.  Varum and Shabnam Frei, Switzerland, Dic.2009.
March 1, 2017

Karin B., Switzerland

During 10 weeks I was attending Spanish classes at the CRLA in San José. Besides studying grammar, discussions about the world, and practicing the language, I learned a lot about Costa Rican culture, the way people live, their cuisine, their mentality. They are very friendly and helpful and at school we were like a big family. For my trips on the weekends they recommended me places to visit and did the reservations. In the afternoon we could choose between dancing, cooking and conversation class. With my host family I felt very welcome and more like a member. During meals we spent hours of discussing, laughing and getting to know more about the other culture. I know that with my” tico” host family and the CRLA I will always have a second home. Karin B., Switzerland
March 1, 2017

Nina Hilario, USA

Before I chose the Costa Rican Language Academy, I was the most skeptical person you could imagine. I asked dozens of questions about the program and even e-mailed the available references.Now that my stay is over, I´m only sorry that it went by so fast. The reason why my experience was so worthwhile is because of the people here. I felt like the entire staff really cared about helping me and making me feel comfortable. Also, it was so easy to make new friends. There are many different activities available so not only do you learn Spanish, but you LIVE IT and ENJOY IT. I´m returning to my country as a better Spanish speaker, a better dancer, and now I can even cook! Nina Hilario, USA 
March 1, 2017

Anna, Towson University, USA

Thank you for allowing us to participate in this lovely program. We had a wonderful time! “Pura vida”! Thank you for helping coordinate an incredibly successful program. We all had a fantastic and meaningful experience and I hope to send many more groups.  Anna, Towson University, USA, 2009
March 1, 2017

Rick Shaughnessy, CA, USA

We want to thank you sincerely for the great experience Daniel had at CRLA and throughout Costa Rica. His elevated Spanish skills have been especially noticed by his high school Spanish teacher and by our many Spanish-speaking friends. We saw his teacher a few days into the school year and she excitedly announced: “Daniel just wants to speak Spanish all the time. He doesn´t want to use English at all in class.” In fact, Daniel takes every opportunity to practice his Spanish with friends, business owners, really anyone who is a native speaker or fluent. This was definitely not the case with the young man we sent to you a couple of months ago. We knew you could teach Spanish but we had no idea you could teach emthusiasm so successfully. Daniel speaks glowingly about his experiences throughout the country and the friends he made…Thank you for delivering much more than we ever expected. We´ll be sending him back soon.  Rick Shaughnessy, CA, USA. Sept. 2011.
March 1, 2017

Edward Stevenson Esq – USA

In the last 3 years, I have been in Costa Rica many times and have taken several weeks of classes at CRLA. I am very pleased with this experience and have learned much more Spanish in these classes than in anything else that I have tried. The instructors at CRLA are friendly, professional, and most important patient. I began by taking basic group classes and now take private lessons that are more focused on business matters. I highly recommend both types of classes. In short, I continue to take classes at CRLA because I am very pleased with the instruction I have received. Edward Stevenson Esq., C.P.A. USA, July, 2011.
March 1, 2017

Annelien, Belgium

  My stay in Costa Rica is by far the most wonderful experience I’ve had in my life until now! For more than 6 months I looked forward to these two months, and I couldn’t have imagined it better than this! From the first day, CRLA helped me with all my questions or worries. And thanks to them I only needed 4 weeks to learn to understand and express a lot in Spanish! I know I’m not there yet, but my Spanish teacher helped me taking the first step. I really appreciate how much patience he had with me and how he found new ways every single day to get the most out of me. He didn’t only teach me a lot about the Spanish language but told me a lot about Costa Rican culture too, which I’m really grateful for. I would have liked to stay longer and take more weeks of Spanish classes but right now I’m really happy I feel confident enough to go and learn more through speaking with native Spanish speakers! For example, for my volunteer project I was at an orphanage and I learned a lot of vocabulary by talking to the kids. In […]
March 1, 2017

Dr. Jeff Stewart – Maine, USA

I have been involved with education and educators for many years – even teaching a bit at Harvard – so I am familiar with how real learning happens. The methods used by the Costa Rican Language Academy WORK! I spent the first month of a 5-month exploration of Costa Rica at the CRLA, and, as I had hoped, I received a solid foundation in Spanish that allowed me to start speaking with the fine people of this country. The classes are small, the instructors smart and effective, and the methods are fun. I began to speak and understand before I knew it! CRLA makes Spanish an experience of living, not a long slog in a dry textbook. It’s really fun. And the CRLA offers much more than language instruction. There are Latin dance classes, cooking classes, conversation periods for extra practice- as well as any kind of help you need in finding great tours of Costa Rica, or finding you way in San Jose, or whatever your discover you need. The staff is absolutely wonderful. So I’m off to put my Spanish to good use. You will not go wrong in starting here in learning to communicate will a huge […]
December 28, 2016

Costa Rican Language Academy Now Offers Volunteer Opportunities That Reinforce Spanish Studies Abroad

December 5, 2016 – San Jose, Costa Rica – For over twenty-five years, Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) has created amazing opportunities for students to engage in Spanish language immersion programs that go far beyond the classroom environment.  Now, CRLA takes another step forward with the integration of volunteer opportunities into its Spanish studies.
December 22, 2016

There Are So Many Opportunities for Group-Based Spanish Language Immersion Programs

One of the features that sets Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) apart from other Spanish studies abroad programs is that we can work with groups of any size.  Rather than focusing solely on individual students or small groups, we have the resources to accommodate university or high school groups, often a few at a time.
December 12, 2016

What to Expect When You First Arrive for Spanish Studies Abroad at Costa Rican Language Academy

For many students, a stay with Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) is the most exciting adventure they’ve ever been on, especially if they’ve never been outside their own country.  Joining the CRLA Spanish language immersion programs is an incredible opportunity which will provide lifelong memories…  but it can be a bit overwhelming when you don’t know what to expect.
December 2, 2016

What Courses Are Available when You Choose Spanish Language Immersion Programs With CRLA?

One of the most common misconceptions we hear from prospective students or teachers organizing group trips is that intensive Spanish studies abroad require extensive existing knowledge of Spanish.  That’s not the case at Costa Rican Language Academy!  
November 28, 2016

Now Announcing Online Spanish Courses from Costa Rican Language Academy, a Leading Provider of Spanish Language Immersion Programs

December 5, 2016 – San Jose, Costa Rica – Since the 1980s, Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) has helped students master the Spanish language through their Spanish studies abroad programs.  Now, however, CRLA is taking their language-learning opportunities a step further with the addition of online classes.