Spanish Studies Abroad

Although there isn´t a short cut to achieve mastering a new language, there are fun ways to start it. In the case of Spanish, you can begin watching Latino TV series on the net, or dabble in reading magazines in Español, if that´s your preference. Yet if you´d like to go beyond speaking short sentences at hotels or restaurants, you may want to learn the following quick guide. This one will help you learn the more basic regular verbs in Spanish and start your journey to mastery. Verbs that end in ar: The general rules to conjugate Spanish verbs are a little more complicated that in English, but the good news is that regular verbs are used more often. So, once you learn to conjugate them, you´ll notice how easy they will become part of your learning process. So let’s begin:  Dar (to give), hablar (to talk), estar (to be), llegar (to arrive). Now, let’s conjugate each of these verbs: Yo doy (I give)                             Yo estoy (I am)                            Yo hablo (I talk)                        Tu das (You give)                        Tu estás (You are)                       Tu hablas o (You speak)                     Él da (He gives)                           Él está (He is)                               Él habla (He speaks)                       Nosotros damos (We
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Spanish is a rich language that is now the second most spoken language around the globe. With the numbers of Spanish speakers only growing, many are now considering taking Spanish studies abroad. Costa Rica is one of the most popular destination options for Spanish studies abroad. On this latest post, we’ll explore why so many are now choosing to study Spanish in Costa Rica with the Costa Rican Language Academy. Immerse Yourself in Costa Rican Culture with Home Stay Options One of the many reasons our students choose Costa Rican Language Academy for their Spanish studies abroad is that we offer home stay options.  Through our team, you can stay with a family in Costa Rica and enjoy an in-depth introduction to Costa Rican culture. You’ll spend time with your host family sharing meals and learning more about their history. Not only does this envelop you within local community, but it helps you become more connected with the rich history of those speaking the Spanish language. Learn Vocation-Specific Spanish If you’re considering moving to a new Spanish-speaking country to live or work, you might wish to learn Spanish before you go so you can better acclimatize yourself to your new
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Many are now considering taking Spanish studies to improve upon their understanding of the language. But to truly gain a clear understanding of the language, its history, and the context in which the language is used on a daily basis, students must immerse themselves in a Spanish-speaking culture. Within this latest post, our Costa Rican Language Academy team explain the benefits of taking Spanish studies abroad. Learn More from the Speakers Those speaking the Spanish language on a daily basis are those that advance the language. New phrases are being coined and new words are added to Spanish dictionaries as speakers in their native countries enhance the culture’s lexicon. By connecting directly with Spanish speakers in their home country, you’ll get a well-rounded understanding on how the language is used and build upon your knowledge of common phases. Hone Your Dialect While speaking Spanish in a classroom in your home country can be great for learning the key phrases in conversation, there’s no better way to learn the language expertly than living in a country where Spanish is the first language. If you choose to take Spanish studies abroad in a country such as Costa Rica, you’ll learn the local
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What’s the way to have the most wonderful experience of your life? I had no idea until I travelled to Costa Rica with CRLA for my Spanish studies abroad. The best part about travelling to learn a language has been that it’s not just about the language, but about making new friends while immersing myself in a new language and culture, and that’s why I posted a photo album of all the fun I had with my new friends. “From the first day, CRLA helped me with all my questions or worries. And thanks to them I only needed 4 weeks to learn to understand and express a lot in Spanish!” I know I’m not there yet, but my Spanish teacher helped me in taking the first steps. I really appreciate how much patience he had with me and how he found new ways every single day to get the most out of me. He didn’t only teach me a lot about the Spanish language but told me a lot about Costa Rican culture too, which I’m really grateful for. If I have the opportunity, I think I definitely come back! Coming to Costa Rica all the way from Belgium,
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“The reason why my experience was so worthwhile is because of the people here. I felt like the entire staff really cared about helping me and making me comfortable. I am truly glad that I decided to study Spanish abroad with the Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA).”   Immersive Education Taking your Spanish studies abroad and immersing yourself in a Spanish-speaking culture is the best way to learn—and CRLA offers some of the best Spanish immersion programs in the world. CRLA offers structured classes during the day like any other school, but they also bring you into the culture: Spanish immersion students stay with Costa Rican families during their program. CRLA also provides complementary classes on Costa Rican cooking and Latin dance. The teachers and host families are all carefully vetted, and the care and attention they put into making everyone comfortable is incredible.   Places to visit There are several great destinations to visit while you stay in Costa Rica to study Spanish abroad: Manuel Antonio beach Monteverde Rio Celeste de Guatuso Puerto Viejo de Limón La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano Sarapiquí Tamarindo   The wonderful people at CRLA can help you plan a trip that includes some or all of
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Dreams can become a reality when you work hard and define your goals are clear. I remember having tried making a vision board last year; and it worked! I made a collage with some photographs of cool places like Costa Rica and of students studying Spanish abroad. Well, guess what? Six months later I was living the same unforgettable experience I visualized in those images.   I went to Costa Rica to learn Spanish at CRLA, travel the country, and immerse myself in a new culture. At CRLA (Costa Rican Language Academy) they provide one the best immersion programs for Spanish studies in the region. Plus, they have taught more than 15,000 students from all over the world.   What helped me the most was having the opportunity to explore amazing places in Costa Rica all while learning Spanish abroad. On top of that, CRLA offered me advice and assistance to arrange various trips in the area. Also, I had plenty of options for food, hotels and tours.   Popular Tours & Destinations at CRLA   These are some of the places you should visit when you are in Costa Rica:   Canopy San Luis Best of Pacific Tortuguero Arenal Volcano and
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People often think that learning a new language can be achieved by reading books through online courses or watching movies. The reality is that this can´t be farther from the truth. One of the best ways of learning a language, like Spanish, is to learn it abroad.   At CRLA (Costa Rican Language Academy) we provide one of the best immersion programs for Spanish studies in Latin America. We have taught more than 15,000 students from all over the world in the past 25 years. We understand the importance of learning Spanish first-hand and to have a deep understanding of the language and culture where it is spoken.   Our Spanish classes go beyond text books since students have the chance to speak in the language with Costa Ricans and learn Spanish in a variety of very enjoyable and different activities. Our immersion programs include staying with a Costa Rican family, Spanish lessons and much more.   CRLA include extracurricular activities such as: Conservation volunteering projects Costa Rican cooking Latin dance Home stay programs   Spanish is growing   It´s very important to remember that the Spanish language has become a true necessity due to the increasing expansion of the
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The Spanish language has been present in the United States way before actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s catchphrase: “hasta la vista, baby” was released in 1991. Nowadays, Hispanics are the second-largest ethnic group in the USA with 52 million and counting. That means Spanish has spread so vastly that it is almost imperative to learn this useful Romance language anywhere in the world. For this reason let’s check the 4 main reasons why everyone should learn Spanish, and even better: learning it abroad: Nowadays, it is top priority to study Spanish abroad in the businesses field. The Spanish language has becoming a necessity because it´s one of the fastest-growing market segment. Enterprises are striving to offer products / services to 350 million Spanish speakers around the world. So in the near future, if you would like to do business, you must learn how to speak it. To be able to talk with locals when you are traveling to Latin America, you should learn the new language first-hand. Your trip would not be as amazing as it could be if you learn Spanish abroad. Handling just one language will confine you only to guided tours, which could be expensive; you will probably miss
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CRLA students have the opportunity of contributing to make a tangible difference in our world and to leave something positive for future generations.

December 28, 2016

Costa Rican Language Academy Now Offers Volunteer Opportunities That Reinforce Spanish Studies Abroad

December 5, 2016 – San Jose, Costa Rica – For over twenty-five years, Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) has created amazing opportunities for students to engage in Spanish language immersion programs that go far beyond the classroom environment.  Now, CRLA takes another step forward with the integration of volunteer opportunities into its Spanish studies.
December 12, 2016

What to Expect When You First Arrive for Spanish Studies Abroad at Costa Rican Language Academy

For many students, a stay with Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) is the most exciting adventure they’ve ever been on, especially if they’ve never been outside their own country.  Joining the CRLA Spanish language immersion programs is an incredible opportunity which will provide lifelong memories…  but it can be a bit overwhelming when you don’t know what to expect.
November 22, 2016

Why Students Love Homestay-Based Spanish Studies Abroad

Why only study Spanish in a classroom when Spanish studies abroad offer homestay opportunities with so much more?
November 12, 2016

Why Cultural Immersion Is Best for Spanish Studies Abroad

For many students, the idea of an immersion-based language program is daunting.   Living in an unfamiliar culture with limited language skills (at least at first) is a situation that many think they would not enjoy… but it’s by far the best way to learn a new language.
October 17, 2016

How Students Can Choose the Right Spanish Studies Abroad Program for Their Career

Studying Spanish abroad in Costa Rica offers students a great way to learn the language while enjoying the culture and surroundings of an exceptional country. But for those choosing their program based on their career, whether they wish to go into the medical field or into a teaching position, it’s important to know how to select the right option for the future. In this latest article, the experts at Costa Rican Language Academy present their guide to choosing the correct Spanish studies abroad program for their chosen career path. Speak with Former Students When choosing a school to complete Spanish studies abroad, students should take the testimonies of the school’s former students into full consideration. They should speak with them about how the school built its reputation and whether the school was able to offer the necessary depth of education they required to achieve career success in both the short and long term. When speaking with former students, it’s important to consider what the school did to help that student succeed. Were they able to offer unique learning opportunities unavailable at other institutions? Discuss Options with the School Oftentimes communicating directly with administrators at the school is the best way
October 10, 2016

Costa Rican Language Academy Presents 3 Elements for Schools to Consider When Booking Spanish Studies Abroad for University Students

Spanish language training can give students a clear foundation for success throughout their careers. It’s why so many universities now offer language training for students as part of their curriculum. But for schools searching for Spanish studies partners abroad, it’s important to carefully consider the available options. Within this latest post, the team at Costa Rican Language Academy presents three elements for schools to consider when booking Spanish studies abroad in Costa Rica for university students. Program Depth The depth of the program offered by the school is a leading consideration. Is the school able to offer the comprehensive range of course options and additional activities to enrich the educational experience? It’s important the school chosen doesn’t simply offer courses within the classroom, but it also able to offer trips throughout the country. For example, students completing their Spanish studies abroad in Costa Rica should have access to a wide range of trip options through their school. This will allow them to discover the country and learn more about its rich history and culture. Timeline The timeline for the trip should also be carefully considered when analyzing trip options for Spanish studies abroad. Oftentimes university students have strict schedules that