Dr. Jeff Stewart – Maine, USA

I have been involved with education and educators for many years – even teaching a bit at Harvard – so I am familiar with how real learning happens. The methods used by the Costa Rican Language Academy WORK! I spent the first month of a 5-month exploration of Costa Rica at the CRLA, and, as I had hoped, I received a solid foundation in Spanish that allowed me to start speaking with the fine people of this country.
The classes are small, the instructors smart and effective, and the methods are fun. I began to speak and understand before I knew it! CRLA makes Spanish an experience of living, not a long slog in a dry textbook. It’s really fun.
And the CRLA offers much more than language instruction. There are Latin dance classes, cooking classes, conversation periods for extra practice- as well as any kind of help you need in finding great tours of Costa Rica, or finding you way in San Jose, or whatever your discover you need. The staff is absolutely wonderful.
So I’m off to put my Spanish to good use. You will not go wrong in starting here in learning to communicate will a huge part of the world’s population! ¡Hasta luego!

Dr. Jeff Stewart
Maine, USA
December 2014