My Lam – Everett, Massachusetts, USA

To those students who have chosen the Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) to learn Spanish, I say, “Congratulations, you made the right choice!” As a former student who has studied 4 months there, I can say this school will meet your every expectation. If students take advantage of all that the school has to offer, they will leave Costa Rica speaking a lot more Spanish than when they arrived. Through its Spanish lessons, cooking and dancing activities, conversational classes, and staff, CRLA has an environment that will provide students a better understanding of Ticos and their friendly culture. In all aspects of the school, quality is premium.

The Spanish teachers are fantastic and very knowledgeable. Professional and well qualified with their degrees from area universities, they make classes fun, productive and effective. They will squeeze every bit of Spanish out of you before you leave! As with all subjects, styles vary among students when learning Spanish. Teachers do a great job to accommodate individual needs to maximize the student’s time at the school. Also, not all learning has to take place in the classroom. Often teachers take their classes out to the city, some heading for a stroll to the downtown area of San Jose for sightseeing or great shopping, while walk to the museums or nearby butterfly garden. These “field trips” enhance the learning process as different topics are discussed between students and teachers as well as getting a free personal tour of Costa Rica! For those students who want to hone their conversational and listening skills, extra conversational classes are provided twice a week, and it’s free!

After many hours of learning Spanish, students can unwind and relax in the afternoon through the dancing and cooking classes, or catch up on email in the computer room, or just lounge with other students and teachers in the tropical garden. The salsa classes provide another fun part to the learning process while showing off your new dance moves. For those students who want to become chefs, cooking classes will open you to a new culinary delight. 

But the best secret at the school are the incredible staff. In fact, it is what stands out at the school. Morning greetings from the security and maintenance personnel to the excellent customer service from the front office staff, to the delicious lunches made by the soda will make your experience relaxing and put you at ease. The from office staff provides countless information for your weekend plans, best spots in Costa Rica to travel, and the always needed bus information. They are professional, extremely flexible and will make sure you have a great time while in Costa Rica!

Students will have everything at the school that is needed to learn Spanish and enjoy their time in Costa Rica. This will be one of the best decisions you have made! Pura Vida!

My Lam
Everett, Massachusetts, USA
August 11, 2004