Rick Shaughnessy, CA, USA

We want to thank you sincerely for the great experience Daniel had at CRLA and throughout Costa Rica.
His elevated Spanish skills have been especially noticed by his high school Spanish teacher and by our many Spanish-speaking friends. We saw his teacher a few days into the school year and she excitedly announced: “Daniel just wants to speak Spanish all the time. He doesn´t want to use English at all in class.” In fact, Daniel takes every opportunity to practice his Spanish with friends, business owners, really anyone who is a native speaker or fluent. This was definitely not the case with the young man we sent to you a couple of months ago.

We knew you could teach Spanish but we had no idea you could teach emthusiasm so successfully.
Daniel speaks glowingly about his experiences throughout the country and the friends he made…Thank you for delivering much more than we ever expected. We´ll be sending him back soon. 
Rick Shaughnessy, CA, USA. rick@coronadopacific.com. Sept. 2011.