3 Benefits of a Spanish Study Abroad program in Costa Rica

Spanish is such a popular second or foreign language to learn that there are plenty of courses one can take at major colleges and universities. In the United States, Spanish is the most studied language in higher learning. And, in the world, it ties with Mandarin and French as the second-most-studied language. But, do you know how is the best way to learn the Spanish language? The Spanish Study Abroad has a lot of benefits, and here, in the Costa Rican Language Academy, we can give to you this big opportunity. Want to know it? Let’s start.

About the Spanish Study Abroad Program

Some students already speak Spanish and want to improve their grammar or vocabulary. Spanish study abroad programs offer your students the chance for immersion as well as a beautiful, fun and enriching experience in a Spanish-speaking country. Interacting with native speakers is a great way of quickly adapting to the language. However, it is even better to study using the immersion method; that is, by having to use the language for most or all of the time.

The 3 benefits of a Spanish Study Abroad program in Costa Rica

There are many reasons to have a Spanish study abroad program specifically in Costa Rica. Just to name a few:

  • The country is an amazing travel destination known for its beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and rainforests, as well as an incredible variety of wildlife.
  • Costa Rica is a very safe country, with a strong democracy and political stability, as well as a very good educational system and medical facilities, which serve as an example to other countries in the region.
  • The locals, also known as “ticos”, are very warm and friendly people and always willing to share with others their well-known “pura vida” relaxed and positive lifestyle.

Why in the Costa Rica Language Academy?

Here at the Costa Rica Language Academy, students get to attend Spanish courses as well as explore the country with our tours and excursions. They familiarize themselves with the Costa Rican way of life, make friends, and can even live with a host family. They also have the chance to join volunteer projects to better the local community. Our faculty-led study abroad programs combine group learning of a specific subject course with travel and cultural experiences for dynamic immersion. Best of all, students can transfer credits to their university.

When you need a special faculty-led study abroad program, CRLA works with you from beginning to end. We tailor it to the needs and preferences of you and your students and can make it short or long-term. We take care of accommodations, transportation, and tours, and provide any facilities and services you may need. Scheduling options may include your faculty classes along with Spanish courses, lectures, yoga, Latin dance, cooking and a variety of other options. Students can choose a homestay or stay in a hotel or hostel.

We also offer group and other special programs. Contact us about our Spanish study abroad programs in Costa Rica for more on how they can impact your students.