Medical Spanish Classes

Spanish Immersion Classes for Medical Professionals and Dentists

CRLA’s Medical Spanish classes will enable you to speak with and understand your Spanish speaking patients in a simple and precise way.

  • Applicable for all medical health professionals
  • Customizable to different medical specialties and needs

Spanish Immersion Classes for Medical Professionals are taught by a native Spanish-speaking teachers at CRLA.
– Accommodations with a Costa Rican family include breakfast and dinner that allow the opportunity to practice language skills and enjoy traditional Costa Rican food and hospitality. Hotel or apartment accommodation also available.
– Tour and weekend excursions can be arranged.
– Additional cultural, dancing or cooking classes in the afternoons.
– Clinical shadowing.
– Airport pick up included.

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Reviews from our students

Scott – October 2015″I attended the 4 week intensive Spanish course given at the advanced level. The classes were semiprivate-only two of us-four days a week for 4 weeks and lived in a Spanish-only Costa Rican household. My teacher Marianella was outstanding. Extremely knowledgeable about many subjects and excellent at explaining even the most obscure grammatical rules. The school was clean and pleasant, landscaped with tropical gardens and with students attending from all over the world. In addition, there were activities such as Latin dance, cooking and yoga to relieve the intensity of the learning experience. Lorenzo bent over backwards to see that every aspect of our stay was perfect, from arranging tours, securing hotels, arranging lectures and seeing that were safe. I strongly recommend it for students of all ages and abilities.”

Jerry – October 2015“After four weeks of instruction my understanding is very good and my conversing continues to improve.
The school is situated in the heart of San Jose which gives you a very authentic feel experience. The free travel instructions by Laura provided excellent preparation for the trip. Getting picked up at the airport and dropped off at the Rica home was wonderful and we became like family during my time there.
Receptionist at the school, Cindy, is always so friendly and helpful. Lorenzo helped us plan out three amazing weekend excursions including the Arenal volcano, Manuel Antonio beach, and Puerto Viejo. Geraldo always greeted us with the smile at the door and Karen always kept the coffee coming.
My teacher Milena was patient and understood the way I learn to maximize my experience. She also has a history in teaching which helped. Another teacher, Marinella, was also outstanding. 
The facilities are clean and relaxing. The food and snacks are convenient but there is a mall and supermarket close by for variety. 
Overall outstanding experience and I highly recommend it.”

 Medical Spanish Program

Medical Spanish

Course Description:

The CRLA Medical Program was design for any Spanish student involved in the Health Care field. The main goal is that our students become familiar with medical vocabulary in Spanish and that they acquire the best tools to be able to interview patients, explain or discuss medical issues in Spanish and even be translators at clinics and/or hospitals if necessary.
Our teaching materials were design by highly experienced staff.

The text begins with two introductory modules called “Basic Vocabulary” and “Medical Interview” which provide lexical bases and dialogue examples that will facilitate communication between any doctors and  his/her patients. The program has a total of eight modules divided by systems:  Skeletal, Digestive, Respiratory, Nervous, Endocrine, Circulatory, Reproductive and Immune. For each system, the teacher will explain vocabulary, how the system works, common diseases that affect it and the cross examination that must be done to any patient suffering from any condition related to that specific system.

The last unit of the textbook is about the cultural importance of medicinal plants in Latin America.

Expected Outcome

  • To learn medical terminology and proper applications for:
    -Common processes such as disease symptoms, etiologies, sequels and therapies
    -Common accidents and injuries
    -Specialty medicine
  • To master the grammatical structure generally needed to explore and explain medical problems
  • To acquire the necessary language strategies and vocabulary to interview patients and people in general about health issues
  • To reinforce language skills though role-play
  • To gain a general understanding of Costa Rica’s health care system
  • To compare and contrast Costa Rica’s medical system with the student’s country of origin.
  • To be able to apply their language skill to their everyday work: interviewing patients, translating medical information and/or diagnosing patients and medical personnel



CRLA students have the opportunity of contributing to make a tangible difference in our world and to leave something positive for future generations.