University Credit


In order to transfer credits for your Spanish language programs at CRLA, you have two options:

  1. Transfer credit through our partner, Jacksonville University, or
  2. Request the credit transfer directly through your univeristy. (Your university must approve our programs prior to your enrollment).

Please notify CRLA which option you prefer, at least 4 weeks prior to your program’s starting date.

Depending on your preference, please follow these tabs for more information about credit transfer:



In order to obtain credit for your Spanish program at CRLA through Jacksonville University, you need to:

1. Fill out the Transient Application and send it to Jacksonville University.

This should be done at least 3 weeks prior your program departure date.
To download the Transient Application file, use this link:
Jacksonville University Transient Form

Transient Application can be scanned and emailed to Ginny Garzón at or sent via postal mail with the student´s transcript to:

Ginny Garzón
IEP at Jacksonville University
2800 University Blvd. North
Jacksonville, FL 32211

2. Along with the Transient Application, please also send via postal mail:

Official transcript of grades from your current university (GPA must be 2.5 or higher)

3. Once these documents have been received and reviewed by Jacksonville University, they will inform CRLA that the student can enroll in the course.

4. After you have completed the Spanish course

CRLA will send an official transcript to Jacksonville Univeristy, indicating course name and code, program dates and hours completed, and course grade. (Student must received a grade of C or higher to approve the course).

5. Jacksonville University will send the official grade to your corresponding university.

The following Spanish courses are available at CRLA:

Spanish Courses:
• Beginner Spanish I (SPANISH 101) JU (3 credits)
• Beginner Spanish II (SPAN 102) JU (3 credits)
• Beginner Spanish III (SPAN 201) JU (3 credits)
• Intermediate Spanish I (SPAN 102) JU (3 credits)
• Intermediate Spanish II (elective) (3 credits)
• Intermediate Spanish III (SPAN 202) JU (3 credits)
• Advanced Spanish I (elective) (3 credits)
• Advanced Spanish II (SPAN202) JU (3 credits)
• Advanced Spanish III (elective) (3 credits)
• Spanish Language in the Americas (SPAN 301 Spanish Conversation) JU (3 credits)
• Medical Spanish (JU ELEC Medical Spanish) JU (3 credits)
• Legal Spanish (JU ELEC Legal Spanish) JU (3 credits)
• Superior Spanish (SPAN 302 Spanish Composition) JU (3 credits)
• Course on Costa Rica Culture (SPAN 325 Topics in Spanish or Spanish American Literature) JU (3 credits)


Cost of the Spanish language program (CRLA prices)
$15 mailing fee
$50 application fee
$75 per credit
All materials and text books included

We hope you join us at CRLA to receive credits for your Spanish programs abroad.
Contact Mariana or Anabel at 1 866 230 6361 or email


Many of our students have received college credit for their studies at CRLA.
Most of these students come on their own and apply for credit independently at different universities in the U.S., Canada and Europe. This is usually the most economical option.

In order to meet the requirements for credit we provide students and universities with the following documents:

– Confirmation of enrollment and course description
– After completing the course: a certificate of attendance and a letter stating the Spanish level and type of course received.
– A transcript of their grades, including the total amount of hours completed.

Usually, students who are applying for credit must first have approval from their university prior to beginning studies at CRLA. Most institutions also require that students take a final exam and receive an evaluation of their work and progress during the course.

However, each university or college has a somewhat different system for granting credit so if a student is interested in this option, we can work with their Spanish or Study Abroad department to set up a program that will meet their specific credit requirements.
Since your university must approve our programs prior to your enrollment, please take into account the time that elapses between initial contact with your university and their final approval of the program chosen.

Please notify CRLA at least 4 weeks prior to starting date.
You may contact us at 1 866 230 6361 or email


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