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Not only did I learn tons of Spanish, but I made connections with teachers

I studied at CRLA for about 7 months. Not only did I learn tons of Spanish, but I made connections with teachers, I made friends from all over the world, and I drank free delicious coffee all day long.

It was the best experience of my life.

I was at CRLA for 1 week and it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot from my teacher and I love my Costa Rican family. CRLA is the perfect school for me and I hope I can return very soon.

My experience at CRLA far surpassed my expectations.

Not only were they able to masterfully place each student in a class based on an accurate skill level assessment, but the classes were small and personalized, all led by instructors who were invested in your growth.

I’m astounded by how much I learned in just 4 weeks.

I can actually communicate in Spanish, not always correctly, but well enough to be understood. So grateful to all the staff for their unwavering kindness and patience.

Amazing place to immerse yourself in Spanish.

Classes are small and offer individual attention to each student. After class you are able to learn to dance, cook and converse with awesome teachers! DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!

Love the school and all of the extras offered!

This is an awesome place. They will help you with anything you need and make the transition to Costa Rican life pretty much seamless. I would recommend this program to anyone, in fact I will be recommending it to family and friends!

Incredible people, well-organized, warm and friendly environment.

I would recommend this academy to anyone wishing to study Spanish, learn more about Costa Rica, and have a great time doing it!

I loved it so much I went back.

I first went to CRLA in 2004. Within a month it was remarkable what I learned. The staff is excellent!! Met the best group of people, almost all Europeans. Traveled every weekend. I loved it so much I went back 2005. I miss Costa Rica

One month at the Academy was like 3 years of high school Spanish.

The vigorous program was challenging, yet rewarding and extremely fun. The small classes let us get to know our professors on a one to one basis.

CRLA is a very high standard institute with a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Staff members are very enthusiastic about their work.

We all had a fantastic and meaningful experience. Hope to send many more groups. 

Thank you for allowing us to participate in this lovely program. We had a wonderful time!
Thank you for helping coordinate an incredibly successful program. We all had a fantastic and meaningful experience. I hope to send many more groups. Pura vida!

Not only do you learn Spanish, but you LIVE IT and ENJOY IT.

Before I chose CRLA, I was the most skeptical person you could imagine. I asked dozens of questions about the program and even e-mailed the available references. Now that my stay is over, I´m only sorry that it went by so fast. The reason why

First time I´ve come across an institution which delivers exactly as promised.

Thank you for a wonderful experience with your school. My son and I have felt well looked after, safe, and all our needs were taken care of in a happy friendly way. The quality of teaching and all the services was excellent.

My students and I had the best experience and we are planning to come back. 

Costa Rica is a wonderful tour destination. CRLA is an excellent language learning school. The staff and the teachers are the best. Costa Rica is Pura Vida!!!!

I have been in the travel industry for seven years and Costa Rica is a country I wish to return to over and over.

CRLA is like a unified family!

This is the second time in my adult life, that I can share all my thoughts and my feelings in a real community, aside from my own family. Everyone at CRLA: administrators, families, employees, teachers and students all make up a unified family with

Your homestay program alone is worth the price I paid for the entire program.  

The small size of the classes, often times one-on-one, and the diversity of instructors and students afforded me the opportunity to experience many different accents and teaching styles. Your instructors are intelligent, patient, kind and


¡Hola chicas y chicos! Mañana tengo que regresar a Suiza. Muy triste para mí porque estos 3 meses en Costa Rica pasaron demasiado rápido. Pero fueron 3 meses muy bonitos. La gente costarricense, la escuela con todos sus profesores,

I couldn’t believe the staff already knew my name by the second day I was there.

I have now returned to Canada and I just want to say how much I appreciated my month of study at CRLA in January.
Everything about my experience with the school was first rate: Your helpful e-mail communication before I arrived in Costa Rica, the

I know that with my “tico” host family and CRLA I will always have a second home.

During 10 weeks I was attending Spanish classes at CRLA. Besides studying grammar, discussions about the world, and practicing the language, I learned a lot about Costa Rican culture, the way people live, their cuisine, their mentality. They are

Knew you could teach Spanish but had no idea you could teach enthusiasm so successfully.

Thank you sincerely for the great experience Daniel had at CRLA and throughout Costa Rica.
His elevated Spanish skills have been especially noticed by his high school Spanish teacher and by our many Spanish-speaking friends. We saw

A school/program that makes you feel like family!

You will learn plenty of Spanish grammar, but there’s just nothing like being immersed in an amazing culture and embraced so whole heartedly by amazing people. I want to name all the people who made such an impact on me, but it’s impossible to choose just a few.



CRLA students have the opportunity of contributing to make a tangible difference in our world and to leave something positive for future generations.