Thank you Dr. Chris Jochum, chair for the Department of Teacher Education at Fort Hays State University, for your insight on the study abroad experience. It is always a pleasure to have you and your students here at CRLA year after year.

“My experience was eye-opening, challenging, adventurous, empowering and rewarding”. Tristan shares her experience as part of a faculty-led program at CRLA in Costa Rica.

Austin spent 7 months studying Spanish at CRLA in Costa Rica

An absolutely amazing experience!
Spanish students from Germany talk about their experience studying Spanish at CRLA.

Come Study Spanish Abroad at CRLA!
Enjoy a lifetime experience learning Spanish while traveling in Costa Rica: most paradisiac country in Central America.
Spanish, homestay program, volunteering, cultural activities: dancing, cooking and much more.

Straight from the source! One of our students shares his experience studying Spanish in CRLA.

Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) has provided Spanish language instruction since 1989 for more than 15,000 students from all over the world.
CRLA goes beyond the textbook by including cultural activities and educational field trips to create a more well-rounded and hands-on approach to understanding the Costa Rican culture and the Spanish language.

First came as a student and now as a Spanish teacher!
He first came to CRLA as a student and now brings students from Germany! Gerald is a German Spanish teacher shares about his experience bringing groups of students from Germany study Spanish at Costa Rican Language Academy.

Our Spanish students describe what CRLA is like, find out for yourself!

On a plane!
She heard about us in the most unusual place, hear her story!
Our student Gayle tells us how she found out about CRLA, why she decided to study Spanish with us and what her experience was like.

Spanish student first and then 16yrs later as teacher with her own students
Sara shares her experience. She first came to CRLA as a Spanish student and now she brings her own students for a Spanish immersion study abroad program in Costa Rica.

Family returns for Spanish immersion program
The Culbertson family share their experience studying Spanish in Costa Rica at CRLA.
This is the 2nd time they come along with a group of middle-school students as well as their own children.

Learned more in 4 weeks in CRLA than 4 years in the US!
From Illinois to Costa Rica! University student Taylor shares about her experience studying Spanish at CRLA

The Buchheit family at CRLA
It was a family affair! The Buchheit family share their experience studying Spanish in Costa Rica with CRLA’s Spanish immersion program.

In one word: AMAZING! CRLA student testimonial
What CRLA is really like! Spanish students Kayla and Brice share their thoughts on Costa Rican Language Academy’s Spanish classes and extra-curriculars.

The best time ever! The best way and the perfect place to learn Spanish.
Kelsey shares her experience after studying with us for 7 weeks. Hear what she has to say!

CRLA you are the perfect school for me and I hope I can return very very soon. Thank you.