Spanish Program for Adults and Seniors

Spanish program for adults and seniors

It’s Never Too Late to Learn Spanish Abroad

When you think of studying abroad, you probably imagine university students gaining new life experiences, touring foreign cities with friends, and learning another language. In fact, young students are only a portion of those who choose to travel and learn abroad.

Whether you’ve always wanted to travel and learn Spanish or you missed out on an opportunity to study abroad during college, it isn’t too late to have your own Spanish immersion adventure. With a variety of customizable programs, the Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) provides the perfect environment for Spanish language learners of any age to learn and improve.

At the CRLA, you’ll benefit from:

Small groups

Small class sizes mean more personalized attention. You won’t have to worry about falling behind during lessons and you’ll be placed in a class that fits your current level of Spanish proficiency.

Experienced professional teachers

All of our teachers are accredited native Spanish speakers who have a genuine interest in helping their students learn. They’re familiar with instructing students of all ages and backgrounds in a patient and responsive manner.

Friendly atmosphere

Costa Rica is famous for its philosophy of pura vida, or the pure life. It emphasizes happiness and relaxation, which is evident in the hospitable nature of Costa Ricans. You can be sure to find this cheerful outlook in your Spanish classes, too.

Easy full-immersion methodology

Spanish immersion at CRLA doesn’t simply mean intensive classes in a Spanish speaking country. Your full-immersion experience includes cultural classes such as Latin dance and cooking. Our methodology encourages you to use what you’ve learned outside of the classroom. Furthermore, our homestay program gives you the opportunity to live with a local family. As part of the family, you will practice speaking Spanish every day and at the same time, you will learn first-hand about the Costa Rican way of life.

In addition, those who choose to learn Spanish at the CRLA will benefit from an environment of international learners with the same goal, allowing you to make new friends while practicing Spanish. Many CRLA students have found a home away from home in Costa Rica.

At CRLA we will also assist with all your travel plans, such as trips to one of Costa Rica’s magnificent volcanoes, exuberant rainforests, amazing beaches, or a delicious coffee tour.

If you would like to experience Spanish directly from the source, this is your opportunity. Enjoy an once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn directly from native speakers, live abroad in Costa Rica and get to know the culture from within.

If you are ready to learn Spanish and have the study abroad experience you’ve always imagined, contact us today to start planning your ideal Spanish immersion program.

Whatever your age or Spanish level, the CRLA way of learning will exceed your expectations.



CRLA students have the opportunity of contributing to make a tangible difference in our world and to leave something positive for future generations.