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CRLA students have the opportunity of contributing to make a tangible difference in our world and to leave something positive for future generations.

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CRLA Costa Rican Language Academy is a Spanish school in Costa Rica with over 25 years of experience in Spanish immersion programs. It’s owned and operated by Costa Ricans, ensuring an authentic language instruction and cultural experience.

At our Spanish school we provide students with a comprehensive program of language classes and cultural immersion, as we believe this is the best way to study and learn Spanish. The CRLA method includes intensive Spanish courses, cultural classes, and a homestay program during the student’s time in Costa Rica.

This way, students achieve complete cultural immersion at home through sharing with their host family, and at school receiving intensive Spanish instruction, and participating in cultural classes such as cooking and dancing.

Since 1989, CRLA school has provided Spanish programs for over 20,000 students. Our Spanish immersion courses are designed to meet each student’s individual learning needs.  We provide multiple Spanish courses and various programs for you to make the most of your time and enjoy Costa Rica.
CRLA is the leading Spanish school in Costa Rica, providing students with positive experiences, a comprehensive program of Spanish studies, cultural and language immersion, and travel throughout Costa Rica.

New Spanish courses begin every Monday.Start your Spanish immersion program anytime.