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Spanish students and teachers
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spanish school teachers and students

Spanish Studies Abroad with Custom-made group programs at CRLA

Spanish studies abroad are more fun when it’s done together!

At CRLA you can design your own unique group program where you can combine a fun and enriching trip to Costa Rica with a Spanish learning experience. You can bring a university, college, middle school, high school, retiree group or interest group.

Together, we can design a one-of-a-kind study abroad program which can include Spanish lessons, volunteer work, excursions, and career-related visits, to name a few.

Our goal is that groups receive more, not just Spanish studies but also a comprehensive and unique experience in Costa Rica, which is why we offer various options, which are completely flexible and open to your trip objectives.

Our specialty is Spanish studies abroad programs, which are also the most popular amongst universities and colleges for course credits.

Imagine learning Spanish and vacationing at the same time, it’s certainly the best way to obtain university credits.
Your group can take as many hours necessary to complete their Spanish program, which means students can attain the equivalent of a semester program in just a few weeks and achieve a more enriching experience while learning Spanish and living abroad.

We also offer various types of group programs such as faculty-led, service learning, and Spanish on the road. Different types of students can experience learning Spanish abroad according to their interests, such as a specific career using Spanish language or volunteer work.

Living in Costa Rica and experiencing our rich culture, will give your students a more complete educational experience than they could ever get back home.

Put together a group at your college, university, school, work place, or even in your own family, and contact us so we can create an unforgettable learning experience together.

Whatever idea you have about studying Spanish abroad, just let us know and we’ll work together to make it a reality.

Our top 4 Spanish abroad programs

Here are the 4 pictures of group Spanish immersions, faculty-led programs, service learning trips, Spanish on the road

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