CRLA is located in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Because San Jose is situated in the middle of the country, it is by far the most convenient location, in term of point of origination for traveling to all tourist attractions in Costa Rica. San José is equipped with transportation hubs where you can find buses that will take you directly to the Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, the Arenal volcano, the Monteverde cloud forest and many other popular yet unique destinations.

In addition, should you decide to hang out in San José you will find social and cultural activities year-round, including concerts at the National Theater, music festivals, university fairs, dance clubs and all types of restaurants, bars and casinos just to name a few. Costa Rican are warm and friendly.

Located in a quiet, secure neighborhood, CRLA is close to places of interest for the students – a short walk to the University of Costa Rica campus, close to the well-known San Pedro Mall and to a variety of restaurants, cinemas, banks, Internet cafes, and many stores.

It is also a 20 minute walk from downtown San José and a short bus ride from our homestay families

The exact address is: 
Barrio Dent, from Ambacar,
200 meters north and 
75 meters west on Avenida 5 (Calle Ronda).


From the Mall San Pedro’s north entrance
175 meters west

“The location is one of the greatest advantages of the school. It is easier and cheaper to use San José as your home base and depart form there to different parts of the country. Outside the city we found it hard to arrange transportation from one destination to another.”

Bob & Caroline Anderson, MA, USA

“After CRLA I stayed at a beach school for 2 weeks and after 4 days I felt the activities were limited and the experience turned a bit boring. I would definitely recommend the San José location. You have a lot more options in the city and can always enjoy different beaches on the weekends.” 

Christy Carlson, CA, USA

“The location is great. The school is basically one block off a main street, Avenida Central. It is on the east side of downtown (asafe 20min walk to downtown) near the big university and 3min walk to a nice mall. So you get the feeling you are in a college town or the college neighborhood of a big city. Lots of college student age people, great clubs, shopping, and restaurants both typical and American. The school is in an upscale area of residences, doctors offices, financial offices, etc. The school has a guard to let people in, get you in a taxi, help move luggage, etc. There are several good places to stay(other than homestay) that CRLA can recommend nearby. We stayed in an Aparthotel(Los Yoses) last time and walked to school. But we also took a day and looked at other apartments nearby they had recommended for future use, we would/could stay in any of them they recommended”.

Steve Wilson, NC, USA



CRLA students have the opportunity of contributing to make a tangible difference in our world and to leave something positive for future generations.