Best Spanish Immersion Programs to attend

Our Spanish immersion programs offer students the opportunity to learn Spanish and to discover our culture first-hand

The best way to learn a language like Spanish is to study it in the country where it’s spoken and experiencing culture immersion. Combine this with traveling, living abroad, and a school with over 20 years of experience, and you have the recipe to success.


At CRLA, we have intensive Spanish immersion programs complemented with cultural classes such as cooking and Latin dance, and homestay programs to help you achieve your language goals. Immersion in the culture and listening to the Spanish language all day long is guaranteed to make you learn and practice what you study daily.


Spanish immersion programs include:

• Intensive Spanish classes
• Homestay with carefully selected Costa Rican families
• Afternoon Latin dance classes
• Costa Rican cooking
• Conversation classes
• 24-hour airport pick-up
Spanish class schedules are flexible. We offer diverse immersion programs and the opportunity to design your own schedule.


  • OPEN ENROLLMENT: Spanish immersion programs are offered year round. New classes start on Mondays every week of the year.


  • SHORT & LONG TERM COURSES:You may choose the length of the program you’d like (from one week up to six months).


  • HOURS OF LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: You may select as many hours of Spanish instruction per day as you wish, from three to six hours.


  • SMALL GROUPS:Spanish classes are offered in small groups with an average of 3-4 students (max. 6). Individual classes and special packages for groups are also available.


You can design your own immersion program to fit your needs, with four different schedule options available, and they can be however long you’d like.


Spanish culture will be all around you when you come to CRLA. The school is located 10 minutes walking distance from San José, the capital, which is full of culture and character that you’ll be able to take in after class.


CRLA is owned and run completely by Costa Ricans and we encourage our students to practice their Spanish with the staff and other students, as well as attend our cultural activities after class. And at home, you will practice your Spanish with your host family and experience what an authentic Costa Rican family is like.


Spanish immersion programs are the key to learning the Spanish language!


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