Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Tortuguero jungle canals tour

It’s time to learn Spanish in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a beautiful country full of natural wonders and we would like to share it all with you.

We want you to have the opportunity to explore Costa Rica while you learn Spanish. We offer all our students advice and assistance in arranging trips to all parts of the country.

We are aware that most students travel on a tight budget, so as part of our personalized service, we will help you get the best prices possible on tours and hotels. (Instead of receiving a commission, we ask all tour operators and hotels to give a greater discount to our students.)

If you would like to travel independently, you can choose any Spanish program you wish and we can help you arrange your travel plans (information, tour reservations and discounts, hotel reservations, etc.)

Even after you finish your Spanish learning program in Costa Rica, you are welcome to continue using our travel services. You can leave your luggage at the school while you travel and use the Academy as your “home base”.

Spanish student and volunteer


All 4 WEEK, Spanish Lessons & Homestay Programs with:
6 or 5 hours/day, Monday-Friday or
6 hours/day, Monday-Thursday include

All 4 WEEK, Spanish Lessons & Homestay Programs with:
4 hours/day, Monday-Friday or
5 hours/day, Monday-Thursday include

These are some of the tours we offer!

Combo Tour
Canopy San Luis
Best of Pacific
Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs
San José City Tour
Tortuga Island
White Water Rafting



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