Spanish Programs

Our programs offer students the opportunity to learn Spanish and to discover our culture first-hand

These programs include:

Intensive Spanish classes, Homestay with carefully selected Costa Rican Families, afternoon Latin Dance, Costa Rican Cooking and Conversation classes, 24-hour airport pick-up, excursions and cultural activities.

Class schedules are flexible. We offer diverse programs and the opportunity to design your own schedule.

OPEN ENROLLMENT: Spanish courses are offered year round. New classes start on Mondays every week of the year.

SHORT & LONG TERM COURSES: You may choose the length of the program (from one week up to six months).

HOURS OF INSTRUCTION: With any of our programs you may select as many hours of Spanish instruction per day as you wish.

SMALL GROUPS: Spanish classes are offered in small groups with an average of 3-4 students (max. 6). Individual classes and special packages for groups are also available.


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