5 Reasons Students Choose to Study Spanish Abroad in Costa Rica through Costa Rican Language Academy

The best way to learn a new language is for students to immerse themselves within the culture. This experience can provide the foundation for understanding the language in a way that simple classroom learning cannot match. Which is a reason why students are now choosing to study Spanish abroad in Costa Rica at Costa Rican Language Academy. In this article, the team at CRLA explains the many advantages of their educational services.

1. Broad Range of Programs

It’s important that the school the student selects has a wide range of language programs from which to choose from. That’s why many people are selecting the Costa Rican Language Academy as the school that offers both group and individual programs combining education, tours and volunteering opportunities. We also offer a large variety of class schedules and volunteer projects, depending on your preferences and needs. Each of the options available through CRLA are designed to help students grow within Costa Rican culture and to learn the language while immersed in a vibrant environment.

2. Proven Student Performance

The results from the school’s study abroad Spanish courses speak for themselves. For more than 25 years, we have continually helped students move forward within their careers and achieve their career objectives. We do this through the use of innovative training tools and comprehensive text books. Also, we only hire the most qualified teachers for our school courses. This ensures that students achieve a fruitful return for their investment at the Costa Rican Language Academy when they visit the school to study Spanish abroad in Costa Rica.

3. Customized Learning

Students who choose to study in Costa Rica through Costa Rican Language Academy have a full range of customization options at their disposal. Whether they wish to choose intensive short term courses due to a tight schedule or book long-term courses with a stay at a trusted host family, the team at CRLA can craft the ideal course for each student. This is the secret to achieving your full potential, studying in a way that’s according to your uniqueness, which we’re committed in accomplishing.

4. Free Service Additions

In addition to the schools’ high profile education programs, Costa Rican Language Academy offers numerous free additions to their courses. These free extras mean students can achieve their ideal course within a complete, fun and supportive learning environment. Currently, the school offers students free services such as Internet access, Costa Rican cooking classes, Latin dance classes, 24-hour airport pick, and much more!

5. A Unique Teaching Methodology

Rather than simply focusing on Spanish speaking abilities, CRLA’s programs utilize a unique training methodology that involves pragmatic use, cultural understanding and other components to provide a comprehensive learning experience to the student. When they complete their studies, they won’t just know how to speak Spanish, but understand and relate to the Spanish language culture, as well as leave with a new perspective of the world. The team at Costa Rican Language Academy is available now to help students build their ideal course. To learn more, contact their team today at 1-866-230-6361 or visit their school website at www.spanishandmore.com.