5 Reasons Why Your Best Spanish Course is in Costa Rica

Have you ever wanted something different from your Spanish class?

It’s one thing to learn all of the basics and the vocabulary so that you can someday have a conversation with a Spanish speaker, but it’s a whole different experience to learn something and immediately be able to use it. Perhaps you have thought about an immersion experience abroad before and a little bit of fear held you back.

Even if you’ve never really considered it, the truth is that learning Spanish doesn’t have to mean learning about both grammar and culture from a textbook. So, if you’ve let your doubts keep you from learning Spanish abroad, here are a few reasons Costa Rica might become your favorite new Spanish classroom.

  1. It’s the happiest place to learn!

Costa Rica is a place where pura vida, the pure life, reigns supreme. It’s a way of life that promotes a cheerful outlook and finding happiness with what you have. Such an easygoing nature will keep you from the usual stress that comes with classes, grades, and the challenges of learning another language.

  1. You will still feel at home.

Family is an important aspect of Costa Rican culture and if you choose to take part in a homestay program, you’re sure to see the benefits. Family meals and a personal touch to your Spanish journey will make you feel truly welcomed.

  1. You will experience a rich culture.

Costa Rican culture is both vibrant and relaxing. Take part in celebrations, explore the diverse history of San José, or simply use your new Spanish vocabulary to talk to the people around you. You’re sure to hear some wonderful stories and make new friends.

  1. You can explore amazing destinations.

Travelers from all over the world head to Costa Rica not just for the culture and the good food, but also to experience its natural wonders, wildlife, and beautiful beaches. Learn Spanish during the week, then take a weekend break to visit places like Tortuguero National Park.

  1. You’ll find people who care.

Costa Ricans, or Ticos as some say, generally care more about creating good feelings than getting ahead. You are more likely to find generosity than criticism and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who wants to see you fail.

If your goal is to learn Spanish in an immersive yet relaxing environment, there is no better place than Costa Rica. At the Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA), you’ll have the opportunity to experience the pura vida in San José, have real conversations with native speakers, participate in exciting events like Latin dance classes, and tour breathtaking locations. Most of all, the CRLA is staffed entirely by native Spanish speakers who provide personal attention and care about your progress.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today to plan your Costa Rican Spanish course!