5 Tips to Learn Spanish Faster

Learning a language nowadays can be so much easier than in decades past. Today’s top methods concentrate on helping the student learn Spanish through direct experience in a natural, dynamic environment. And that means not just signing up for a Spanish course, but studying abroad and immersing yourself in the Spanish language and local customs. Read on to find out about five tips that will help you learn Spanish much faster.

  1. Study in a Spanish speaking country that’s open to tourists and students.

Costa Rica, for example, is known for its peaceful history, its tourist-friendly citizens, and its clear Spanish dialect. Most tourists find that the local ticos, or native Costa Rican speakers, have a relaxed and joyful approach to life, and tend to be friendly and helpful towards people from other countries who come to learn their language.

  1. Stay with a host family.

A host family provides invaluable guidance, introduces you to local events, and helps you learn the basics — like how to use the local public transportation. You may even find a host family with members your age who know the best places to hang out. You may even end up forming friendship bonds that last for years.

  1. Look for service learning and volunteer opportunities.

Leading Spanish immersion schools in Costa Rica like Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) offer exciting opportunities for their students to participate in local service learning and volunteer activities. This is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture, engage with native speakers in Spanish, and really make a difference in other people’s lives.

  1. Take local and overnight trips.

Be sure to go on outings and excursions. Visit the beach, go shopping, eat at local venues where you order your own meals in the native tongue, visit a theater or museum, or attend a sports event. And while you’re at it, plan at least one overnight, weekend, or end-of-course excursion where you travel more extensively and are exposed to the language and customs of other regions.

  1. Pick a language school with a successful track record.

CRLA has over 25 years of experience teaching Spanish to international students from all over the world. In addition, it has its own teaching methodology and a staff of expert instructors with degrees from the best universities in Costa Rica.

When you study with Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA), you’ll find lots of opportunities to learn and practice Spanish. CRLA provides:

  • Over 25 years working with schools, universities, and individuals globally.
  • Its own teaching method and experienced, licensed instructors
  • Homestay programs with highly vetted families
  • Assistance with independent travel
  • Flexible courses customized to your schedule
  • Local excursions
  • Culture courses in cooking and dance
  • Service learning and study abroad opportunities

For more information on how to learn Spanish faster and make memories and friendships which will last a lifetime, please contact us.