A Guide for Students on How to Add Value to Study Abroad Trip to Costa Rica

For students, the option to study abroad in Costa Rica offers an exciting opportunity to gain insightful experiences that will mark them for the rest of their lives. It’s not a surprise that thousands of students from across the globe are now planning an upcoming trip to Costa Rica. But before embarking on the journey as a student, it’s important that you know how you can improve your own experience when you visit the country. Our team at Costa Rican Language Academy has great experience in this area and in our latest post, we present a guide to enhancing your trip!

Take Part in Local Activities

While you’ll be primarily focusing on your education when you study abroad in Costa Rica, you can significantly improve the value of your experience when you take part in local activities. Work with your school to plan activities in the local region. This will benefit you in many ways for the future. Firstly, you’ll make friends with local residents who can give you more information on the region and help introduce you to the new culture, plus get to know new people. Secondly, it will allow you to clear your mind outside of the learning environment, which also helps you once you go back to study.

Visit Historic and Cultural Areas

Costa Rica is a country with a rich and engaging culture and history. It’s a country full of hospitable, kind people willing to share their colorful culture with you. Also, there’s history hidden throughout the country and worth learning about. This means you should choose a local school course that can help you organize trips during non-studying periods. By working directly with a qualified local school, you can ensure you maximize your time in the country and see as much of Costa Rica as possible, as well as partake in the culture.

Studying with Local Families

While your teacher and fellow students can offer you a great way to begin learning Spanish as you study abroad in Costa Rica, the only way to improve is by communicating with locals and immersing yourself in the culture. You might want to stay with local family and completely surround yourself with the language and culture. This will help you pick up on the nuances of the Spanish language that are not always clear when speaking with non-native speakers. You’ll develop a level of fluency that cannot be achieved solely within the scholastic environment.

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