Am I Too Old to Take a Spanish Immersion Program?

If you’re a senior or any other adult above traditional college age, you may have entertained thoughts of regret about not learning a popular language like Spanish. Well, although the need for Spanish in the US has been on the rise for decades, nothing compares to today’s demand, use, and opportunities for Spanish speakers of any age or background. So if you’re asking yourself, “Am I too old to take a Spanish immersion program,” the answer is a spontaneous and triumphant “No!” Here’s why:

  1. The experiences of success

You may be at an advantage by waiting to learn a language. Since your teens and twenties, you have probably taken on a hobby, a sport, a musical instrument, or a profession which captured your passions. Chances are, you have learned that you can absolutely succeed when you’re motivated, inspired, and immersed. The best Spanish immersion programs are located in tourist-friendly, peaceful countries like Costa Rica, and provide an exciting environment that allows you to pick up features of a language naturally. At CRLA, Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA), you actually learn Spanish while you pursue your deepest passions such as travel, volunteering, taking dance or cooking lessons, and more.

  1. Improved


Up until the first decades of the 20th century, the traditional way of learning languages involved slow, tedious translation and memorization. During World War II and beyond, however, the US government sought ways to improve language instruction for the military as US involvement in foreign affairs increased. And during the 1960s, language instruction methods underwent exciting new developments which continue today with the advent of new technologies. Today’s best approaches are interactive, immersive, and student-focused, engaging the learner in real-life, hands-on applications such as volunteer and service-learning opportunities. These are just a few of the techniques which characterize total immersion methods developed by top language schools like CRLA.

  1. About that Latin class….

If you or an older relative ever had to take Latin, you’ll know that it’s the source of Romance languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and of course, Spanish. However, taking Latin back in the day was almost exclusively associated with memorization and dry translating methods. Despite the tedium that went along with taking Latin — or any Romance language course using rote methods — you’ll already have an idea of how Latin-based languages work. And since Spanish evolved from the vulgar Latin over the centuries, as you pick up Spanish through a dynamic total immersion experience, some of the words and phrases may feel like déjà vu.

  1. Life enrichment

You may have friends and family which live in Spanish speaking countries or which reside in multicultural households in the US. You may wish to visit family or relatives stationed abroad, or keep up with your child who is enrolled in a total immersion Spanish elementary school. You may also want to volunteer for a local agency that serves native Spanish speakers. Whatever the reason, learning Spanish is a great way to broaden your experiences and enrich your life.

  1. Spanish language programs are not your grandparents’ language experiences.

Gone are the days of tedious translation, sheer memorization, and endless repetition. Immersion programs like CRLA make every moment of your learning experience relevant. In fact, CRLA is one of the most successful and well-established Spanish language immersion schools around the globe. With 30 years’ experience, its own methodology, and exceptionally qualified instructors who graduated from Costa Rica’s most prestigious universities, CRLA is Costa Rica’s leading Spanish immersion program. Other features of CRLA include:

  • A well-established homestay program with highly-vetted and experienced families
  • Flexible classes that fit your schedule and priorities
  • Local excursions
  • Assistance with sightseeing and travel plans
  • Cultural classes, including cooking and dance
  • Service learning and volunteer activities

Find out what taking a taking a Spanish immersion program at CLRA is all about! If you have any questions about Spanish immersion programs for adults and seniors, be sure to contact us to get our offerings, schedules, and prices.