Costa Rica: The Happiest Population in the World

Costa Rica has been recognized time and again for having one of the happiest populations in the world, and there are several reasons why. From the perfect climate and beautiful landscapes to cultural activities and food, Costa Rica has a reputation for happy and laidback people. Imagine dragging your feet through the soft white sand beaches with a fresh piña colada in hand. You’re starting to get the picture. Many people live here and still more visit each year.

One of the main reasons students choose Costa Rica for their Spanish language course is the country´s amazing biodiversity found in breathtaking beaches, volcanoes, and rainforests. But here are other top three reasons why Costa Rica is where you should learn Spanish. 

 Food – La comida 

Let’s cut to the chase: Costa Rican food is “muy rica” – that means that it tastes really good. From fried pork, called “chicharones” to picadillo de papas and old-fashioned rice and beans, the food in Costa Rica is superb. From mom & pop restaurants to street vendors and especially home cooked meals, the food is rich and flavorful. With fresh seafood on the coasts and tender meats and produce all over, it’s no wonder that this item tops the list. “Buen provecho” means: enjoy your meal.

 Culture – La cultura 

Costa Ricans, or Ticos, are famous for being laidback and relaxed. Fire dancing at the beach, a dip in the hot springs, or lively conversation over drinks with the locals, the fun things to do here are boundless. Because the government is democratic and most of the country is fairly safe, the population in Costa Rica is considered to be happier than their foreign counterparts. “Pura vida,” after all means something similar to “no worries.” 

Attitude – La actitud

Some people say that people are the same everywhere you go. While this is true to some extent, we know that Costa Ricans are the happiest because they are a leader in clean energy; have varied landscapes like coastlines, mountains, and forests; and have excellent healthcare and great doctors. Don’t forget that buying property in Costa Rica is relatively easy for foreigners as well. Pack your bags because the Ticos are ready to welcome you. 

 This list doesn’t even scratch the surface. With beautiful weather all year round, happy people, and a forward-thinking government, Costa Rica really is the best place to learn Spanish. The Costa Rican Spanish accent is easy to understand and you will always be learning new words. Come study at the Costa Rican Language Academy and contact us for more information today!