Costa Rican Language Academy Offers Three Questions for Students to Consider Before Beginning Spanish Studies Abroad

Traveling to a new country to study a language is one of the best ways for students to achieve their academic goals and immerse themselves in an exciting and new environment. But it’s important to be careful when selecting your new Spanish study abroad program, since you deserve top quality instruction.  Some schools may not have the experience and/or the reputation to ensure a successful learning process and overall experience. To help guide the school selection process, we’ll look at three questions for students to ask before beginning Spanish studies abroad.

  • What is my Educational Goal?

When selecting an education program, it’s important to consider the goal of the learning process. Is the goal to eventually get a job within a Spanish-speaking country or company? Or is the goal to simply learn Spanish, have fun and engage in new experiences within a different culture? The answer to this question will help determine the type of course you choose and the intensity at which you study the language. For those focused on a Spanish language career, it’s important to work with a school that offers many advanced training options and cutting-edge material for your particular area.

  • How Can I Overcome Integration Issues?

One of the leading challenges students face in Spanish studies abroad is integrating within their new environment, as they might struggle at first without having a clear grasp on the language and the culture. It’s why it’s so important to work with a trusted and supportive language school when booking a course. Spanish schools that offer programs combing education and homestay programs, as well as the opportunity to do volunteer work are ideal. This will allow you to experience the country’s culture firsthand, as well as meeting and interacting with new people, which will ease the integration process.  

  • What Length of Course is Suitable?

When studying abroad, it’s always important to stay as long as possible within the country to truly achieve an immersive learning experience. This means you might want to consider longer courses within the new country, between one and six months, minimum. This will ensure that you have time to build your Spanish speaking abilities, as well as explore the country.  You should also be able to work directly with the school to customize the course according to your unique scheduling requirements.

The team here at Costa Rican Language Academy is available now to answer your questions and guide you on your course options. To learn more, call us (toll-free) today at 1-866-230-6361.