Costa Rican Language Academy Presents 3 Elements for Schools to Consider When Booking Spanish Studies Abroad for University Students

Spanish language training can give students a clear foundation for success throughout their careers. It’s why so many universities now offer language training for students as part of their curriculum. But for schools searching for Spanish studies partners abroad, it’s important to carefully consider the available options. Within this latest post, the team at Costa Rican Language Academy presents three elements for schools to consider when booking Spanish studies abroad in Costa Rica for university students.

  1. Program Depth
    The depth of the program offered by the school is a leading consideration. Is the school able to offer the comprehensive range of course options and additional activities to enrich the educational experience? It’s important the school chosen doesn’t simply offer courses within the classroom, but it also able to offer trips throughout the country. For example, students completing their Spanish studies abroad in Costa Rica should have access to a wide range of trip options through their school. This will allow them to discover the country and learn more about its rich history and culture.
  2. Timeline
    The timeline for the trip should also be carefully considered when analyzing trip options for Spanish studies abroad. Oftentimes university students have strict schedules that must be kept, they must pass courses by a certain date or take a certain number of hours in order to achieve their educational objectives and this means their teachers must build a program according to the prerequisites. The language school should be flexible and work alongside the teacher to create an ideal program according to each student’s need and university course requirement.
  3. Integration
    An important element in any study abroad program is the ability for the student to integrate within their foreign school environment. Will they be part of a familiar, comfortable environment and receive the support they need?  Will they be able to work with peers to develop personal bonds during their studies? These are important considerations when booking Spanish studies in Costa Rica. Working with a specialist that offers a complete study program is the best way to ensure the optimal level of integration for the student.  

The team here at Costa Rican Language Academy is available to answer all questions for those planning a Spanish language study trip for university students. To discover more on the school and our programs, contact our school team now at 1-866- 230-6361.