Costa Rican Language Academy Presents: 5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Roots While Completing Spanish Studies Abroad

A persistent challenge students face when completing their Spanish studies abroad is that they feel they are losing their connection to their home country. This can quickly lead to feelings of homesickness and make it more difficult to enjoy time within the study environment. To help minimize the chances of going through this process, it’s important that students find ways to stay connected to their families and friends while abroad. In their latest article, the team at the Costa Rican Language Academy presents five ways to stay connected to your home country while completing Spanish studies abroad.

1. Keep a Journal

This can be an activity students complete by themselves at the end of a long day. And can be for the benefit of those back home or simply to release some of the tension and share the excitement of the study experience. Writing journal entries allows students to get their thoughts out without fear of being judged for their experiences.

2.Connect Via Social Media

Social media is an open-24/7 environment filled with constant messages and chances for connecting. Those studying abroad can benefit from direct access to their social media accounts by sending out a quick message to friends and family every once in awhile. Although it’s important not to depend on social media as a sole source for interactions, maintaining that quick connection can help keep students grounded as they experience a new country.

3. Start a Blog

Having a blog is an interactive way students can share their experience with their family and friends far away. They can share journal entries, photographs, videos, thoughts and anything else they want on their blog, where they will have a sort of scrapbook of their travels. Also, their blog will keep their memories for them to look back on in the future. Collecting these stories can be a great way for travelers to keep the people at home up to date as they journey around the globe.

4. Skype with Friends

Video conferencing tools such as Skype allow those studying abroad to maintain a close connection with their friends and family. It’s important for travelers to set a regular day on which to speak with their loved ones back home via video chat. This is essential during events such as birthdays and holidays, during which the urge to be back home will be at its strongest.

5. Quick Text Updates

There are a variety of free texting applications travelers could use to text back and forth with loved ones, they’ll be connected back to their home country at a moment’s notice, no matter where they are across the globe. As most of these apps work with wifi, they can even send photos, videos and make free phone calls instantaneously.

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