Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing Spanish Immersion Programs Abroad

The Do’s and Don’ts of Spanish Immersion programs Abroad

Choosing a Spanish immersion program abroad is not a decision to be taken lightly. You are getting ready to learn Spanish and have the time of your life while you’re at it, so you’ll want a school that offers you everything you’ve dreamed of. Here are some basic ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ to keep in mind when you’re selecting a Spanish immersion program abroad:

  1. Don’t pick a school you haven’t heard of.

The best Spanish immersion schools have an outstanding reputation, both online and offline. Do check with academic institutions and other organizations that send their people there, and read the online reviews. A truly successful Spanish immersion program will have a stellar reputation regionally, nationally, and globally. You may even find former program participants in your area that you can meet with personally to get some pointers!

  1. Don’t select a region that sounds unsafe.

Do pick a country that has a reputation for being friendly to tourists, for offering a stable and peaceful political environment, and for welcoming individuals from all over the globe. Costa Rica, for example, meets all these requirements — and then some. In fact, it is recognized as one of the safest countries in the world for expats, students, and tourists.

  1. Don’t pick a school with participants that come exclusively from your home country.

Instead, do immerse yourself in the country’s language and culture. At the best Spanish immersion schools, you’ll have lots of classmates from all over the world. So don’t isolate yourself with friends that only speak your native tongue with you. Befriend both locals and internationals, and spend as many hours “living in Spanish” as you can!

  1. Don’t join a program that offers all study and no travel.

A great Spanish Immersion school abroad offers frequent excursions, and may include at least one overnight travel opportunity. So do look for schools that provide day or overnight trips with their package. And during the weekends when you’re on your own, take advantage of the school’s recommendations for independent travel with your friends. The best Spanish immersion schools have numerous contacts, and may assist you with your independent travel arrangements.

  1. Don’t stay in a hotel.

Top Spanish immersion programs offer homestay programs with trusted, reliable families. These handpicked families know exactly how to make their houseguests feel at home. Your host family will inform you of local customs, include you in some outings, and provide you with tips about local events, sightseeing, and travel. And depending upon the bond you establish with your host family, you’ll have the opportunity to forge a friendship that lasts for years.

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