Enhance Your Spanish Through Our Amazing Costa Rica Volunteer Programs

Costa Rican Spanish Academy is proud to offer a wide variety of immersive Spanish studies abroad for individuals, groups, or even faculty-led classrooms of high school or college students. We offer one of the best opportunities in the world for students of all levels to learn Spanish directly from native speakers, while living in a Spanish-speaking country and soaking in its culture.

But that’s not all we do.

We’re just as interested in improving lives for our fellow Costa Ricans, while offering our students further opportunities to expand their language skills, help the community, and gain valuable work experience.  We can provide connections to a wide variety of Costa Rica volunteer programs throughout the country in different fields.

Enrich Your Life, Enrich Their Lives

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a colorful culture, but it is also a country facing many challenges such as poverty, ecological issues, and a lack of medical facilities in the more remote areas.  By bringing enthusiastic volunteers together with those in need, our Costa Rica volunteer programs truly provide a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Our volunteer programs include:

  • Working with children, such as orphans, kindergarten and elementary students, as either teachers or simply to provide company.
  • Visiting elderly people in nursing homes, bringing new perspectives to their lives.
  • Assisting withwildlife conservation efforts in our many beautiful national parks and animal reserves.
  • Providing medical services to under-developed areas, for those with the skills necessary.

If there’s a particular area of service you’re called towards, we can make it happen. We can create the ideal program for you, improve your Spanish skills and organize your volunteer project. 

Such volunteer work will look excellent on a resume, and is a great discussion point in job interviews.  If you’re providing service in your area of expertise, it’s an amazing way to build experience – particularly if you’re looking towards bilingual employment in the future.

Our volunteer opportunities may not be for everyone. They do require you to be able to pay a fee for food and housing, and generally need at least conversational Spanish skills.  

If you want to help others while building your own career opportunities, contact CRLA to learn more.