Five Perks You Can Expect at the Costa Rican Language Academy

At the Costa Rican Language Academy, we pride ourselves on our immersive and successful Spanish courses available for study abroad students. Not all international programs are built the same, and we at CRLA strive to offer resources that fit your personal needs. Here are five services we provide that will make the study abroad process easier and will ensure your success in our Spanish language courses.

Flexible, Individualized Programs 

Many programs require that you attend during specific periods, however, at CRLA you can start a program any time. We offer both short and long-term courses to fit your schedule and class choice customization. Each student is monitored regarding their studies and needs by a CRLA staff member throughout the entire process to ensure satisfaction with your program. Class sizes are small to ensure close relationships with peers and instructors. 

 Complete Immersion 

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to surround yourself with native speakers. In Costa Rica, with our homestay program, you will have the opportunity to live with local families, have many opportunities for conversation, and be able to experience Costa Rican life day and night. 

Free Cultural Activities and Services

There are many free activities and services available to CRLA students including: Latin dance classes, conversational sessions, Costa Rican cooking classes, yoga classes, fresh coffee, juice, & tea, as well as airport pick-up, class materials & books, internet, and Wifi access, and more. 

Safety and Reliability 

CRLA is located in a secure neighborhood in San Jose and has experienced local staff on location throughout your stay. Students are provided with the directors’ contact information for any emergency, and there is a weekly orientation meeting for all new students. Also available are luggage storage facilities & safety deposit boxes, and assistance for reliable medical services. CRLA staff will be available to you 24/7 before, during, and after your trip. 

An Authentic Experience

Living closely and learning a foreign culture with others from around the world is certainly a life-changing experience. At CRLA, we can offer this along with a safe, experienced, and welcoming atmosphere supported by like-minded people eager to discover the Costa Rican culture and Spanish language.

Contact us to learn more about the Spanish courses we offer and to plan your visit to Costa Rica.