Give Student the Perfect Spanish Study Abroad Opportunity

When it comes to studying abroad, most universities and colleges highly encourage it. While advisors work hard to provide the best opportunities for their students, sometimes without knowing it, students pick a study abroad program that doesn’t provide them with credits that transfer easily. Some students have an amazing semester abroad, working and playing hard, and then get back to their university to find most of their credits only transfer as elective credits or cannot be transferred at all.

That is not how we do things here at CRLA—Costa Rica Language Academy. One of the most unique features of our program is that it is highly customizable. We offer two convenient ways to make sure your credits transfer, and we also accommodate faculty-led study abroad programs. 

The credit transfer process works like this: you can set up transfer credits through our partner, Jacksonville University, and we walk you through the application process on our site. Or, if you prefer, you can set up the credit transfer through your own university. We are happy to communicate with study board offices or Spanish departments at universities and colleges around the world to help the process. CRLA provides course descriptions, verification of enrollment, and confirms the levels of Spanish achieved.

Another option is to participate in a faculty-led programs at CRLA.  If you are a professor or there is a professor at your school interested, they can lead a study abroad group and we can help coordinate a custom-made short or long-term study abroad program. This way they can make sure all the material—both in Spanish language and in cultural studies—is covered in order to meet the university’s requirements.

If you are a faculty member with ideas on an immersion program for students from your school, contact us today and we can work together to develop the perfect program.