Guide to Master the Most Common Regular Verbs in Spanish

Although there isn´t a short cut to achieve mastering a new language, there are fun ways to start it. In the case of Spanish, you can begin watching Latino TV series on the net, or dabble in reading magazines in Español, if that´s your preference. Yet if you´d like to go beyond speaking short sentences at hotels or restaurants, you may want to learn the following quick guide.

This one will help you learn the more basic regular verbs in Spanish and start your journey to mastery.

  1. Verbs that end in ar:

The general rules to conjugate Spanish verbs are a little more complicated that in English, but the good news is that regular verbs are used more often. So, once you learn to conjugate them, you´ll notice how easy they will become part of your learning process.

So let’s begin:  Dar (to give), hablar (to talk), estar (to be), llegar (to arrive). Now, let’s conjugate each of these verbs:

Yo doy (I give)                             Yo estoy (I am)                            Yo hablo (I talk)                       

Tu das (You give)                        Tu estás (You are)                       Tu hablas o (You speak)                    

Él da (He gives)                           Él está (He is)                               Él habla (He speaks)                      

Nosotros damos (We give)       Nosotros estamos (We are)     Nosotros hablamos (We speak)

Ellos dan (They give)                  Ellos están (They are)                Ellos hablan (They speak)


Yo llego (I arrive)

Tu llegas (You arrive)                       

Él llega (He arrives)

Nosotros llegamos (We arrive)

Ellos llegan (They arrive)

As you can see, this is only a first glance of how to begin with 4 of the most common verbs used in Spanish language. If you´d like to dig more, here´s a top list of the most common verbs in Spanish, and includes irregular verbs as well.

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