How Students Can Choose the Right Spanish Studies Abroad Program for Their Career

Studying Spanish abroad in Costa Rica offers students a great way to learn the language while enjoying the culture and surroundings of an exceptional country. But for those choosing their program based on their career, whether they wish to go into the medical field or into a teaching position, it’s important to know how to select the right option for the future. In this latest article, the experts at Costa Rican Language Academy present their guide to choosing the correct Spanish studies abroad program for their chosen career path.

Speak with Former Students

When choosing a school to complete Spanish studies abroad, students should take the testimonies of the school’s former students into full consideration. They should speak with them about how the school built its reputation and whether the school was able to offer the necessary depth of education they required to achieve career success in both the short and long term. When speaking with former students, it’s important to consider what the school did to help that student succeed. Were they able to offer unique learning opportunities unavailable at other institutions?

Discuss Options with the School

Oftentimes communicating directly with administrators at the school is the best way to obtain more information about the institution and its available learning options. When speaking with administration staff, ask about their course options. Do they offer courses specifically for the student’s chosen career and all levels of Spanish comprehension? For example, Costa Rican Language Academy offers a full program for those who teach Spanish or will in the future. This program ensures that all teachers can select the program that best suits their learning and individual teaching styles.

Review Additional Learning Opportunities

One of the benefits of doing Spanish studies abroad is the immersion in a new culture and getting to know a new country. This can give the student the opportunity to speak with native speakers and learn the linguistic distinctions that will define their level of comprehension in the long-term. In choosing a study abroad program, students should consider the options the school provides outside the classroom. For example, do they include cultural activities into the study program? What type of homestay program does the school offer? Can students get involved with the local community? These are critical considerations when choosing a study abroad program.

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