Is it worth it to take a Spanish language immersion program as an adult?

As an adult, you may wonder why you didn’t take the time to learn Spanish when you were in school. It’s not too late: Costa Rica offers some of the best Spanish language immersion programs for adults you can find. And in today’s global society, there are more reasons to take Spanish than ever before. You may still ask yourself: “Is it worth it to take a Spanish language immersion program as an adult?” Absolutely. Here’s why:

  1. Spanish for your work or profession

You may be a diplomat or business person with an overseas deployment. Or you could be a professional nanny who wants to add bilingualism to their list of special skills. Moreover, if you’re in sales, customer service, or the medical, legal, or human services professions, you already know that speaking Spanish is essential to your work in many areas of the US. So why not treat yourself to a well-earned vacation at one of the best Costa Rica Spanish language immersion programs? After taking at least a month of courses through a first-rate Costa Rica Spanish language school, many students find they can return to their homes and jobs with basic Spanish skills, which allow them to communicate in practical ways.  

  1. Community work and volunteerism

Adults who have achieved success in various aspects of their lives frequently find it important to give back. Whether you volunteer at a community outreach organization that works with local Spanish speaking families, or if you are planning to go on a mission trip with your church to a Spanish speaking country, you’ll want to learn enough Spanish so that you can communicate more effectively with the individuals you serve. 

  1. Memory, brainwork, and Alzheimer’s prevention

Studies show that adults who continue to do memory work throughout their lives — musicians who memorize long pieces of music, mathematicians who work with complex problems, and bilingual speakers — may have healthier brains as they age. Researchers are still investigating the connection between foreign language training and Alzheimer’s prevention, but it has been found that playing an instrument throughout your life, using advanced math skills, or mastering a second language could keep your mind sharper and healthier for a longer period of time.

  1. Never too old to learn Spanish

It is true that the human brain learns a second language most efficiently when it’s inside the head of an infant. Some studies show that baby brains start sorting out the two languages a child has been exposed to in a bilingual environment around the end of the first year of life. And, the young brain continues to pick up other languages relatively easily during the elementary school years. It’s also true that learning a second language as an adolescent or a young adult has its own challenges. For example, the brain of a college student between the ages of 18 and 24 is still developing; yet that is also a hectic time when many individuals juggle the demands of bosses, parents, friends, and a rigorous class schedule, or even start a family of their own. On the other hand, we are able to continue learning languages throughout our lives. Adult brains just do it differently than the ones that belong to the six-month-old or the six-year-old. That’s why the best Spanish Costa Rica language programs for adults offer multiple ways of soaking in the Spanish on a daily basis, helping you learn no matter who you are — or how old you are.

These are all great reasons why it’s worth it to take a Spanish language immersion program as an adult. At Costa Rican Language Academy, we have been providing Spanish language program courses for students of all ages for over 25 years. At CRLA, you’ll find:

  • One of the most established, successful Spanish language schools in Costa Rica 
  • Teaching methods that provide results you can apply immediately
  • Exceptional instructors
  • Customized classes and flexible scheduling
  • Assistance with planning your travel itinerary
  • Opportunities to meet students from all over the globe
  • Culture course offerings: cooking classes, conversation, Latin dance
  • A well-established homestay program with experienced host families

To find out more about how CRLA can provide you will a total immersion language-learning experience, please contact us.