It Is Never Too Late To Learn Spanish Abroad

It Is Never Too Late To Learn Spanish Abroad

50 years ago, who would have thought we were going to embrace globalization? With this global transition came the necessity to mix and mingle with other cultures, and the entire world became a cultural melting pot. This brought the necessity of embracing new languages, like Spanish. For instance, children in the U.S take Spanish classes in high school and most of them attempt to perfect it as best as they can later in life during university. Yet learning a new language is not as easy when you get older. It’s pretty tough for an adult to learn anything new, much less a new language.

Well, let´s demystify this belief which is not based on true facts. The truth is that it´s never too late to learn a new skill if you put your mind to it (according to scientists). Let´s learn 3 infallible ways to learn Spanish.


Have an open mind

When you get older, certain bad habits can be ingrained. However, by introducing new habits like routine exercises for the mind through creative tools (such as reading and writing) anyone can break the spell. A good way to start is to rent Spanish movies with English subtitles or listen to Spanish music with the English translation lyrics. This way you will start to associate sounds with English words and get the feeling of how the language is structured. Plus, you may learn a lot of vocabulary and some grammar rules.


Always be curious and willing to learn

Never stop looking for new things. Learning a new language like Spanish can be challenging, yet it will bring you joy and personal satisfaction. It will also improve your cognition skills. Additionally, it’s the second-most spoken language in the U.S. and Europe and “being bilingual makes you a more competitive force in society for jobs, travel, speaking to clients abroad”.


Costa Rican Language Academy

If you would like to experience Spanish directly from the source, this is your opportunity. No matter how old you are, the CRLA way of learning will exceed your expectations.

Here’s why:

Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) is a private institution, specializing in Spanish language instruction and immersion. They know the importance of learning Spanish first-hand by immersing yourself in Costa Rican culture, that’s why lessons at CRLA go beyond classrooms and textbooks.



CRLA offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as:

  • Conservation volunteering projects
  • Costa Rican cooking
  • Latin dance
  • Home stay programs

Costa Rican Spanish Academy welcomes all who wish to learn Spanish abroad with a wide range of immersive Spanish studies for individuals, groups and more. Enjoy an once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn directly from native speakers, live abroad in Costa Rica and getting to know the culture from within. If want to learn Spanish abroad while enjoying an unforgettable experience, contact CRLA to learn more.