It’s Never Too Late to Begin Spanish Studies Abroad

Spanish is a rich language that is now the second most spoken language around the globe. With the numbers of Spanish speakers only growing, many are now considering taking Spanish studies abroad. Costa Rica is one of the most popular destination options for Spanish studies abroad. On this latest post, we’ll explore why so many are now choosing to study Spanish in Costa Rica with the Costa Rican Language Academy.

Immerse Yourself in Costa Rican Culture with Home Stay Options

One of the many reasons our students choose Costa Rican Language Academy for their Spanish studies abroad is that we offer home stay options.  Through our team, you can stay with a family in Costa Rica and enjoy an in-depth introduction to Costa Rican culture. You’ll spend time with your host family sharing meals and learning more about their history. Not only does this envelop you within local community, but it helps you become more connected with the rich history of those speaking the Spanish language.

Learn Vocation-Specific Spanish

If you’re considering moving to a new Spanish-speaking country to live or work, you might wish to learn Spanish before you go so you can better acclimatize yourself to your new surroundings. For example, many people now moving to countries such as Costa Rica are now choosing to learn Spanish specifically for their chosen career role. Our team at the Costa Rican Language Academy offers a full range of programs for vocation specific Spanish training. For example, we now offer training for those taking Spanish in the medical profession. This will help you to become integrated within your new role and help you adapt more effectively to the new surroundings after your move.

Take Costa Rican Cooking and Dance Classes

One of the best ways to add to your Spanish language learning experience is to take cooking and Latin dance class at the Costa Rican Language Academy. Our team can teach you how to cook traditional Costa Rican dishes ready for hosting parties in the future. Our dance classes introduce you to the Spanish rhythms and beats that move the culture.

Our team at Costa Rican Language Academy is here to provide you with the ideal learning experience for your Spanish studies abroad. To discover more about the options available, call us toda