Learn Spanish in Costa Rica the Tico Way

Have you ever considered learning Spanish abroad, only to worry that an immersion program in another country might be too overwhelming?

Do you have trouble learning Spanish in your regular classroom setting and reaching your Spanish learning goals?

Instead of giving up hope that you’ll ever learn Spanish, it might be time to adopt a new outlook on learning that is more forgiving and carefree.

In other words, it might be time to try the Tico Way.

What’s the Tico Way?

In the beautiful Latin American country of Costa Rica, happiness is encouraged more than anything. The people affectionately refer to themselves as ticos or ticas, a term that expresses endearment and satisfaction. The Costa Rican phrase that unites them even further is pura vida, or “the pure life.” It celebrates the good things in life and does not dwell on worries.

This carefree attitude is at the center of the Tico Way, making ticos some of the friendliest and most encouraging people you’ll ever meet.

Who wouldn’t want to learn Spanish in such an environment?

How the CRLA embraces the Tico Way

The Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) is run entirely by Costa Ricans, ensuring that the wonderful pura vida is a part of everything. Spanish immersion programs do more than help students learn a new language. They allow participants to experience the country and culture of Costa Rica.

The CRLA lets the Tico Way of living life shape your Spanish immersion with:

  • Personalized programs to focus on your individual learning needs. We care about the well-being and success of each student.
  • Cultural classes to put some fun into your Spanish lessons! We offer Latin dance classes, cooking classes, and conversation sessions that help you practice with ease.
  • Homestay programs that allow students to experience authentic Costa Rican culture and provide a true home away from home.
  • Excursions to amazing destinations like Tortuga Island, white water rafting, rainforest zip-lining, or the city of San José, so you can make the most of your trip to Costa Rica.

Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be stressful. Contact us today to discover an immersion program that makes you happy.