Now Announcing Online Spanish Courses from Costa Rican Language Academy, a Leading Provider of Spanish Language Immersion Programs

December 5, 2016 – San Jose, Costa Rica – Since the 1980s, Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) has helped students master the Spanish language through their Spanish studies abroad programs.  Now, however, CRLA is taking their language-learning opportunities a step further with the addition of online classes.

Students who cannot afford the time and money investment of Spanish studies abroad, can work one-on-one with native Costa Rican teachers over the Internet.  The program allows students to spend as many hours per week as they wish, and requires only a computer, laptop, or smartphone with Skype.

Classes are available for learners at all levels of achievement, from newcomers looking to create a firm foundation for language-learning, to those already fluent and looking to expand their knowledge.  Costa Rican Language Academy offers online courses in general Spanish, as well as in specialty language such as medical, legal, or business jargon.  

Costa Rican Language Academy also offers discounts on their online courses for any former students of their full Spanish language immersion programs.  For those past students, they can easily continue their studies at home while working with the school they already know and trust.

CRLA has already been a pioneer in Spanish language education, and now they have once again moved into the future. Contact the Costa Rican Language Academy for more information.

About Costa Rican Language Academy

Since 1989, Costa Rican Language Academy has sought to offer innovative approaches to Spanish studies abroad, based on proven immersion-based techniques.  Studying with CRLA provides a rich, culturally-based understanding of Spanish and the Costa Rican culture.  Students understand the difference between “textbook” grammar and the richness of the Spanish language as it is used conversationally by natives.  These experiences create tremendous opportunities for future business and travel, plus a life-changing experience among all those who attend.

For additional information, call toll-free 1-866-230-6361 or visit the website