Prepare for Your Future Career with Spanish Studies Abroad & Specialized Program Options from CRLA

There has probably never been a greater demand for bilingual and even polylingual employees in many fields throughout the Americas. As English- and Spanish-speakers mingle across the western hemisphere, there is a huge need for quality translators and those fluent in specialized areas of language. For many, it can be very difficult to find the quality that only Spanish studies abroad provides.

A traditional series of college courses may be able to prepare you for basic conversational Spanish… but they can do little to provide the specialized vocabulary and grammar necessary for fields such as medicine and law.  Few solutions exist to allow English speakers to learn such specialized Spanish,those that do are likely overly expensive and don’t provide inclusive and innovative programs.

However, Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) offers an alternative:  comprehensive Spanish studies abroad, based on immersion learning, targeted directly at your field.

Learn Specialized Spanish In a Natural Immersive Environment

CRLA is proud to offer a variety of specialty courses as part of our Spanish studies abroad.  It’s the perfect way for professionals to gain a deep understanding of the Spanish necessary for bilingual work, adding significantly to their resume as well as their salaries.

Currently we offer:

Spanish for Lawyers:  Learn the terminology needed for all legal matters and potentially also learn more about the legal systems in Costa Rica and other Spanish-speaking countries.  In this way, you can easily work with Spanish-speaking clients in the USA and broaden your client base.

Spanish for Medical Professionals:  We offer immersive Spanish courses for nurses, doctors, and dentists, complete with clinical shadowing opportunities. Those who are interested may even be able to put their skills to work in the field, as part of our volunteer programs for doctors and nurses.

General Business Spanish:  As more companies expand across borders, there’s an ever-growing need for those who can act as translators, negotiators, and other intermediaries. It’s a growing field with excellent career opportunities among the largest businesses in the world.

Spanish for Teachers:  Interested in teaching Spanish or improving your skills? We offer classes specifically to improve your professional knowledge of the language and how to teach it. You might even consider arranging a group trip with your colleagues or teaching students, improving your skills and theirs together.

We Can Help

CRLA welcomes learners of all levels, with the goal of improving your language skills and your cultural knowledge. Contact us today for inquiries, group trips, or class schedules.