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<h3><strong><span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Our students say it best…</span></strong></h3>
Learn about previous students’ experiences and find out why CRLA is the best school for you.


<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Annelien</span>

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>My stay in Costa Rica is by far the most wonderful experience I’ve had in my life until now!</strong></span></h3>
<img class=”alignright size-full wp-image-18218″ src=”” alt=”” width=”333″ height=”325″ />From the first day, CRLA helped me with all my questions or worries. And thanks to them I only needed 4 weeks to learn to understand and express a lot in Spanish! I know I’m not there yet, but my Spanish teacher helped me taking the first step. I really appreciate how much patience he had with me and how he found new ways every single day to get the most out of me. He didn’t only teach me a lot about the Spanish language but told me a lot about Costa Rican culture too, which I’m really grateful for.

If I have the opportunity I definitely come back!

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Dr. Jeff Stewart</span>
Maine, USA
December 2014

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>CRLA makes Spanish an experience of living, not a long slog in a dry textbook. It´s really fun.</strong></span></h3>
The methods used by the Costa Rican Language Academy WORK! I spent the first month of a 5-month exploration of Costa Rica at the CRLA, and, as I had hoped, I received a solid foundation in Spanish that allowed me to start speaking with the fine people of this country.
<p class=””>CRLA makes Spanish an experience of living, not a long slog in a dry textbook. It’s really fun</p>

<em><span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Edward Stevenson Esq., C.P.A.</span> </em><em>
July, 2011</em>

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>In the last 3 years, I have been in Costa Rica many times and have taken several weeks of classes at CRLA.</strong></span></h3>
I am very pleased with this experience and have learned much more Spanish in these classes than in anything else that I have tried.
The instructors at CRLA are friendly, professional, and most important patient. I began by taking basic group classes and now take private lessons that are more focused on business matters. I highly recommend both types of classes.
In short, I continue to take classes at CRLA because I am very pleased with the instruction I have received.

<em><span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Rick Shaughnessy</span>
Sept, 2011

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>We knew you could teach Spanish but we had no idea you could teach enthusiasm so successfully</strong></span></h3>

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Anna</span>
Towson University, USA

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>Thank you for helping coordinate an incredibly successful program. We all had a fantastic and meaningful experience and I hope to send many more groups.

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Nina Hilario</span>

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>Not only do you learn Spanish, but you LIVE IT and ENJOY IT.
<img class=”alignright wp-image-18989″ src=”” alt=”” width=”160″ height=”154″ />Now that my stay is over, I´m only sorry that it went by so fast. The reason why my experience was so worthwhile is because of the people here. I felt like the entire staff really cared about helping me and making me feel comfortable

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Karin B.</span>

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>I know that with my “tico” host family and the CRLA I will always have a second home.
<img class=”alignright size-full wp-image-18990″ src=”” alt=”” width=”130″ height=”174″ />Besides studying grammar, discussions about the world, and practicing the language, I learned a lot about Costa Rican culture, the way people live, their cuisine, their mentality. They are very friendly and helpful and at school we were like a big family. For my trips on the weekends they recommended me places to visit and did the reservations. In the afternoon we could choose between dancing, cooking and conversation class.

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Varum and Shabnam Frei</span>
Dic. 2009

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>For the first time I have come across an institution which delivers exactly as they promise on the website. Me and my son have felt well looked after, safe, and all our needs were taken care of in a happy friendly way. The quality of teaching and all the services was excellent.</strong></span></h3>

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>My Lam</span>
Everett, Massachusetts, USA
August 11, 2004

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>The best secret at the school are the incredible staff.
I can say this school will meet your every expectation. If students take advantage of all that the school has to offer, they will leave Costa Rica speaking a lot more Spanish than when they arrived. CRLA has an environment that will provide students a better understanding of Ticos and their friendly culture. In all aspects of the school, quality is premium.
The best secret at the school are the incredible staff. In fact, it is what stands out at the school. Morning greetings from the security and maintenance personnel to the excellent customer service from the front office staff.

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Joyce Tomboulian</span>
March 7, 2007

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong><img class=”alignright wp-image-18993″ src=”” alt=”” width=”222″ height=”213″ />Everything about my experience with the school was first rate: Your helpful e-mail communication before I arrived in Costa Rica, the airport transport, my wonderful homestay, the excellent (and very patient!) instructors, and the friendly staff at the front desk

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Jane Gandee</span>
Head of Languages at Queenswood School, England

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>It is no exaggeration to say that our visit to your beautiful country exceeded our expectations in every way.
We found the Costa Rican Language Academy to be run extremely professionally, from the provision of free water, juice and coffee to the excellent standard of teaching and the small number of students in each class. I know that every one of our pupils appreciated the enthusiasm and dedication of the teachers and that they thoroughly enjoyed their lessons – whether Spanish language, salsa or cookery.
I firmly believe that our students’ experiences in Costa Rica will have changed their understanding of the world for the better and I cannot recommend highly enough your organisation. I very much hope that we will be able to return in the future.

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Anne Campbell</span>
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
August 21, 2004

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>The staff at school could not have been friendlier or more helpful.
I cannot thank you enough for the awesome experience I had while in Costa Rica. Everything about the program was wonderful, from the home stays to the classes.  My host family really made me feel welcome.

The staff at school could not have been friendlier or more helpful. They were always willing to answer my questions, no matter how many I had, or how pointless they seemed.

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Kevin Prehn &amp; Travis Hansen</span>

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>If you want to learn Spanish in a fun and exciting way, Costa Rican Language Academy is the place.
The vigorous program was challenging, yet rewarding and extremely fun. The small classes let us get to know our professors on a one to one basis. They not only taught us but became our lifelong friends. Being at the Academy was like having a second family. Everyone was warm and caring and catered to our individual needs.

If you want to learn Spanish in a fun and exciting way, Costa Rican Language Academy is the place. We loved every minute of our stay here and are planning on returning many more times.

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Edward Joseph Klaas II</span>
Atlanta GA, U.S.A.

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>Your instructors are intelligent, patient, kind and extremely professional. I can see that you academy has hired the very best.</strong></span></h3>
<p style=”background: white; vertical-align: baseline; margin: 0cm 0cm 11.25pt 0cm;”><span lang=”EN-US” style=”font-size: 11.0pt; font-family: Arial; color: #444444;”>Without a doubt, the greatest aspect of my experience here in Costa Rica has been your homestay program. I could never have hand-picked a more perfect family to live with. They were wonderful. Your homestay program alone is worth the price I paid for the entire program. My Tico family is truly my second family and I am certain that I will come to visit them again in the future.</span></p>

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Sherilyn Fraess</span>
Saskatoon, Canada

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>I have been in the travel industry for seven years and Costa Rica is a country I wish to return to over and over. Your school is now my family too!

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Marcel Bouvier</span>
Quebec, Canada

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>Everyone at the Costa Rican Language Academy: administrators, families, employees, teachers and students all make up a unified family with the main goal of developing the communication ability in Spanish, and for some also in cooking and dancing.</strong></span></h3>

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Pia Marie</span>
Nothlev, Denmark

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>You find all kinds of people at the school: young, old, couples, singles from all over the world, but most important you find people who are there for the same reasons as you: to learn Spanish and often also to see beautiful Costa Rica. You will be almost certain to find someone to travel with if you want to. And the school staff offers great service, they will book tickets, trips and hotels for you.

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Elisa Llamido</span>
California, USA

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>I just won´t go home! I really love this school!</strong></span></h3>
The people of Costa Rica won me over. The teachers and staff at the academy became my nuclear family- so much so that a typical day at school for me lasts from 9am-5:30 or 6pm. I just won´t go home! I really love this school!

All the staff are very generous with their time and resources and are always willing to call around to find out prices, make reservations, etc. for my crazy projects or travel plans. It´s a big help.

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Mary &amp; Tom Burton</span>
Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>Not only did we study and speak Spanish for 4-5 hours per day with some of the most patient, involved and professional instructors we have ever had the occasion to meet, but we also had the opportunity to explore the beauty of the land, learn to cook Costa Rican style, and dance the salsa.

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Michel Grant</span>
Montreal, Québec, Canada

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>My expectations were high. I was not disappointed, far from it. The commitment and professionalism of the professors, the quality and the flexibility of this school is material for textbook in management and education.
<p style=”background: white; vertical-align: baseline; margin: 0cm 0cm 11.25pt 0cm;”><span lang=”EN-US” style=”font-size: 11.0pt; font-family: Arial; color: #444444;”>You can see that the whole experience is coordinated and integrated from the moment the taxi driver from the school picks you up at the airport and starts to teach you Spanish! My home stay is an experience I will cherish the rest of my life also.</span></p>

<span style=”color: #ff9900;”>Jason Dinter</span>
Arlington, VA, U.S.A.

<h3><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>Although I only had a short time in Costa Rica, from when I landed to the end of my stay, EVERYTHING was so well planned and organized. From the airport pick-up, to the family, to the school – everyone has truly made me feel welcome, and at ease into the transition to another country and culture.


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