Spanish is for everyone! 3 reasons to learn Spanish

Why learn Spanish?

You hear it at the supermarket, the coffee shop, the park, and on the street. The melodic sounds of the beautiful Spanish language are all around us. No matter where you live or spend your days, you probably hear or see Spanish in some form or another. The time has never been more right to learn Spanish.

Here are 3 reasons to learn Spanish lo más pronto posible (as quickly as possible).

  1. Professional advancement: No matter what profession you’ve chosen, or if you’re undecided or in transition, learning Spanish can give you a professional edge. Many positions advertise that Spanish proficiency is “preferred,” which means that you’re more likely to be accepted for the position if you speak and understand Spanish. This preference spans professions: Spanish proficiency is heavily sought in the fields of marketing, business, education, non-profit, sales, and virtually every other type of profession.
  2. Social connections: If you’re interested in expanding your social connections, learning Spanish is a sure way to find new friends. In fact, even the process of learning Spanish, especially if you chose to immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking culture, will provide opportunities for deep, fun, meaningful social interactions. For more information on Spanish immersion, contact us.
  3. Brain development: Believe it or not, learning a new language will actually make you smarter! Recent studies have shown that learning a second or third language “can improve mental functions- even if you learn the language later in life”. So, if you’re looking for ways to improve your brain power, ¡Aprenda Español!

When you hear “learn Spanish,” you might think of going to a classroom once a week for a semester, but the best way to learn a language is actually immersing yourself in the language. Immersion programs such as those offered by the Costa Rican Language Academy offer a perfect opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun and personalized atmosphere. Please contact us at to learn how you can improve your professional, social and cerebral life. ¡Buena suerte!