Spanish Teachers: Let Your Christmas Gift Be a Spanish Course Abroad

Let your Christmas gift be a Spanish course abroad

You’ve been dedicating yourself to your students all year. And as a Spanish teacher, you know that keeping up with your expertise in Spanish and Spanish-speaking cultures is a lifelong project — and a lifelong joy. What better way to reward yourself than with a trip to Costa Rica during Christmas break? Here are some great reasons why you should let your Christmas gift be a Spanish course abroad:

Start a project.

Develop a Spanish course that helps you meet your professional development goals. It could be as simple as collecting digital photos of the fun and festivities happening around you as you document how Costa Ricans observe Christmas. You could also start a more involved project by working on a YouTube instructional video or a blog. And of course, you’ll want to visit some of Costa Rica’s famous festivals during your travel time and integrate those experiences into your course material — all while you’re having the time of your life.

Learn Spanish for the professions.

As one of the leading Spanish immersion schools in Costa Rica, we have instructors who specialize in Spanish for the professions. You may want to inquire about customizing a course in legal Spanish, medical Spanish, Spanish for human services, Spanish for translation, or Spanish for interpreters. These classes are especially useful for adult learners who work within these professions, or for experienced Spanish teachers who see a need to expand their instructional repertoire beyond the regular skill courses.

Strive for distinguished proficiency.

The American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) describes several levels of proficiency for speakers of another language. The highest level is called ‘distinguished,’ and includes what used to be known as native and near-native levels. If you teach Spanish, however, you know that distinguished proficiency has no limits. You can always improve, since language is dynamic and changes as cultural, political, and social environments change. And top Spanish immersion programs for teachers and other adult learners can customize a Spanish course just for you.

What you’ll find at CRLA:

  • A globally-recognized Costa Rica Spanish school with exceptional reviews and over 25 years in the business
  • Homestay programs with experienced, highly vetted host families. 
  • An international student population
  • Native-speaking instructors with credentials from the top universities in Costa Rica
  • Assistance with travel plans
  • Customized courses and flexible scheduling

Please contact us for more information about CRLA’s flexible, Spanish language immersion programs for adults and start planning your Spanish course abroad as a special gift to yourself this Christmas!