Students Love Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

Why students prefer us

What better way to learn Spanish than to completely immerse yourself in the language, culture, and beauty of Costa Rica! According to the World Economic Forum, more than 437 million people globally speak Spanish. Students learn more quickly and retain the language better when they are able to use it in natural situations, and the program we offer at Costa Rica Language Academy CRLA provides the best environment possible to join a volunteer project, experience a way of life, make new friends, and much more.

Learning Spanish abroad at CRLA is a safe, wonderful experience for students of all ages. Our homestay program pairs students with local families who make them feel right at home, immersed in the Tico culture. Homestays provide a great way to enjoy Costa Rican cuisine, learn about daily life, and converse constantly in Spanish. The secure neighborhood in San Jose has experienced local staff to ensure the comfort and security of all students, allowing everyone to relax and absorb the experience.

Our programs are flexible and can be customized for a short- or long-term stay to fit each individual’s needs. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Spanish speaker, our varied and dynamic approach calls for active participation. With small classes, the intimate setting allows for a flexible teaching style that can be adapted to meet each student’s needs. We focus on speaking, but also incorporate grammar, pronunciation, cultural understanding, and usage.

We take the immersive experience a step further and offer volunteer projects to make it a more fulfilling opportunity for students. Students interested in volunteering do need to have a higher level of Spanish proficiency, but it is a wonderful way to further immerse yourself in the Tico culture and give back to the community. Opportunities include working in an orphanage, daycare center, school, soup kitchen, animal rescue center, and more.

If you are ready to immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture to learn or improve your Spanish, or if you would like to learn more, contact us. Our friendly, helpful staff can answer your questions and ensure you have an amazing experience studying Spanish abroad.