Study Spanish While Exploring Costa Rica at CRLA

Spanish study abroad programs in Costa Rica

Are you looking to study abroad? Or perhaps you need to cover that language credit for your undergraduate degree. Maybe, you are just looking for a cultural adventure. At the Costa Rican Language Academy, you will not only learn to speak Spanish through their comprehensive Spanish courses, you will experience the intricacies of Costa Rican culture by participating in their regular Spanish programs for individual students, as well as group Spanish Immersion and Service Learning trips taught and led by experienced leaders. The CRLA team cares about your success in your personal endeavors and their study abroad programs aim to allow you to design your own schedule while taking care of travel and accommodation to ensure your stay in Costa Rica is focused on academic and personal growth. There are endless opportunities to study abroad in Costa Rica, so what makes CRLA unique?

As a CRLA student, you will be given various opportunities to take part in cultural activities. This includes Latin dance classes, cooking classes, and weekly yoga classes. The faculty at CRLA want you to feel at home in Costa Rica and offer several complementary services for incoming students, such as airport pick-up, wireless internet, books and materials, and as much Costa Rican coffee as you can drink. But more than this, CRLA gives you the resources you need to get around the country easily and to be fully supported during your stay abroad.

Spanish students may opt-in to CRLA’s Homestay Program which guarantees accommodation with a local Costa Rican family. Students will be allotted private bedrooms, breakfast and dinner (special diets included!), laundry service, and travel autonomy. This will allow you to speak Spanish every day with your host families and to learn the ways of life of Costa Ricans.

Spanish classes are catered to your specific skill level. Instruction ranges from beginner to advanced, so whether you are fluent in Spanish or if you don’t even know how to say hello, CRLA offers classes that will help you improve your language skills through methodological teaching strategies. Why study in your university hall surrounded by students just like you when you could be in one of the most beautiful countries in the world surrounded by new and interesting people?

CRLA offers specialized courses for those seeking careers in the medical field, business Spanish, legalistic Spanish, or Spanish education. These courses are designed to hone in on your current Spanish skills and offer additional training to ensure you are prepared for your field.

The Costa Rican Language Academy, CRLA, has a program for anyone eager to learn Spanish in a culturally rich environment surrounded by like-minded scholars and adventure seekers. To find out more about available programs, visit their website here.