Studying Spanish in Costa Rica – 5 Things You Must See

Studying Spanish in Costa Rica is a great idea. You get the chance to learn a new language and see a new country. Costa Rica is full of natural beauty and host to some of the greatest biodiversity in the world. Check out these five things to do while you study Spanish in Costa Rica.

  • The Cloud Forest

Find yourself amongst the clouds in this surreal place in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. You will feel like you are in heaven as the mists surround you and you sense real magic taking place. The clouds loom around you for you to reach out and touch them. This unique place will amaze you so make sure it’s on your list when you study in Costa Rica.

  • The Jungle

The tropical rain forest of Costa Rica is rich and green. With an abundance of endemic bird species, monkeys, and yes, insects, the jungle is the perfect place for a stroll or hike in the wilderness. You will be surrounded by lush tropical plants and trees that display many different shades of green – the epitome of verdant and vibrant wildlife.

  • The Hot Springs

Want to take a dip in an all-natural hot tub? Resorts in various areas are strategically placed near this wonderful natural attraction. Relax, kick up your feet, and enjoy the wonder of Mother Nature’s jacuzzis. The healing properties of this attraction, in addition to some well-deserved relaxation, will make your whole trip worth it. There are also plenty of resorts and hotels that have regular hot tubs if you want to play it safe.

  • The Coast

There is nothing better than a beautiful white sand beach and an expertly crafted tropical cocktail to kick off your experience abroad. Beaches exist on both coasts of Costa Rica and are just a slice of heaven. Dip your toes in the water, sunbathe, or stay in the shade. The sun’s rays here are hot so make sure your skin is protected with sunscreen as well. A hat and sunglasses are a great idea too.

  • Volcano Arenal

This still active volcano is a sight to behold, especially when it begins to billow smoke. More than likely your location nearby is very safe, but don’t count out the action just yet. The last eruption took place in 1968 after many years of dormancy. The excitement and scenery of this volcano in Costa Rica’s northern lowlands is enough to keep you coming back for more. It makes a nice escape from the city for a day trip or for longer.

Costa Rica is a land of beauty and diversity. When you learn to observe the natural world with a hands-on approach, you will thank yourself. CRLACosta Rican Language Academy also has an interactive approach to learning. Contact us for a full immersive experience complete with home-stay, travel arrangements, and planned field trips. For more information or to book an educational vacation, don’t hesitate to contact us today!