The Benefits of Having Your Students Study Abroad in Costa Rica with Costa Rican Language Academy

For teachers, it’s important to provide students with an unparalleled learning experience. Study abroad programs can introduce them to a culture that will transcend the education available in the classroom setting and engage them in driving forward with their understanding of the Spanish language. It’s part of the reason so many teachers are now working with Costa Rican Language Academy and booking trips to study abroad in Costa Rica for their students. In this post, we’ll take a look at the leading advantages of choosing study trips with Costa Rican Language Academy.

Customized Course Options

The Costa Rican Language Academy team works with teachers to build the ideal course and trip for their students. Each element of the course is carefully orchestrated in accordance with the teacher’s lesson objectives as students are given a hands-on appreciation of the Spanish language. Teachers will receive support before, during, and after their trips to help build a comprehensive learning experience that instills a sense of wonderment and understanding in all language students.

Accommodations Options

Each element of the Costa Rican Language Academy trip experience is designed to assure optimal comfort for the student. This is highlighted in the school’s available accommodations. The school works with local residents, hotel owners and hostel owners to allow teachers to choose the ideal accommodations for their students. Whether they choose to learn Spanish directly with a Costa Rican family by staying with local residents or stay as a group in one of the many world-class hotels across the country, students will enjoy a memorable experience and a comfortable stay as they learn Spanish.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Once of the leading benefits of working with an educational specialist such as Costa Rican Language Academy is that we can provide a holistic service. We work with leading organizations across Costa Rica to provide many study and volunteer abroad opportunities to students. The volunteer opportunities available through Costa Rican Language Academy will help students support the local community after their Spanish education experience and provide an opportunity to get to know local residents while learning the language in greater detail.

Individual Experts

Each of the expert instructors employed by Costa Rican Language Academy has ample experience teaching Spanish language students. They understand the challenge Spanish students might face and the opportunities available abroad as they study in Costa Rica, and can help each student achieve a unique learning experience that will help them expand their understanding of Spanish and introduce them to Costa Rican culture.

The team here at Costa Rican Language Academy is ready to help you book the trip of a lifetime for your students! To learn more and book today, call us now at 1-866-230-6361.