The Benefits of Immersing Yourself in Latin Culture with Spanish Studies Abroad

Many are now considering taking Spanish studies to improve upon their understanding of the language. But to truly gain a clear understanding of the language, its history, and the context in which the language is used on a daily basis, students must immerse themselves in a Spanish-speaking culture. Within this latest post, our Costa Rican Language Academy team explain the benefits of taking Spanish studies abroad.

Learn More from the Speakers

Those speaking the Spanish language on a daily basis are those that advance the language. New phrases are being coined and new words are added to Spanish dictionaries as speakers in their native countries enhance the culture’s lexicon. By connecting directly with Spanish speakers in their home country, you’ll get a well-rounded understanding on how the language is used and build upon your knowledge of common phases.

Hone Your Dialect

While speaking Spanish in a classroom in your home country can be great for learning the key phrases in conversation, there’s no better way to learn the language expertly than living in a country where Spanish is the first language. If you choose to take Spanish studies abroad in a country such as Costa Rica, you’ll learn the local dialects and begin to gain an appreciation for how words sound when spoken by those from different parts of the country. You’ll also learn alongside those who have a fluent understanding of the language, ensuring they can help you to modify your dialect and improve upon your speaking skills every day.

Harness Spanish in Day-to-Day Situations

Whether it’s going to the local grocery store or playing sports with friends, when you take Spanish studies in a Spanish-speaking county, you’ll speak Spanish in all types of environments. This will help you to get out of your comfort zone when learning the language. For example, you can take dancing and cooking lessons with Spanish speakers, as part of the Costa Rican Language Academy service. The process will help you to gain a greater appreciation for the language and its uses in all types of environment.

Our team at Costa Rican Language Academy can help build a unique program of study for your Spanish studies abroad. To discover more on our school and our history of student success, contact us today!