The Top Costa Rican Attractions for Students in Spanish Language Immersion Programs

One of the reasons that Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) has been so popular since the 1980s is that we ensure that our students balance the hard work of Spanish studies abroad with plenty of play.  In fact, we encourage students to take four-day study weeks specifically so they’ll have long weekends to explore Costa Rica.

Also, going out and seeing the country’s amazing local attractions gives them ample opportunity to practice their Spanish skills with actual native speakers outside the classroom.  This is an excellent way to reinforce what they learn every week. 

There are too many great things to see and do in Costa Rica to fully list, but these are some of the activities we see our students most often enjoying.

The Top Weekend Excursions for Students in Our Spanish Language Immersion Programs

Exploring San Jose

Costa Rican Language Academy is located just outside San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.  It’s only a ten minute walk away!  This makes the capital city the number one destination for students, a beautiful city full of history and culture, while still also having all the benefits of a modern metropolis.  Students can go on guided walking tours, or simply explore the city on their own after class.

Playa Blanca Beach

Located roughly an hour from San José, Playa Blanca is a beautiful white-sand beach bordering the Carara National Park rainforest.  Whether students want to explore the forest, or catch some sun, it’s some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches in a very convenient location.

Arenal Volcano

Not many people get to visit real volcanoes, much less active ones, but Arenal is a famous Costa Rican landmark.  This amazing landform is bordered by the town of La Fortuna, along with a hydroelectric lake and hot springs created by natural geothermal activity.  It’s a beautiful excursion, and a chance to see a true local wonder.

Canopy San Luis

For the adventurous, few activities can compete with zip lining!  Students can soar over the canopy of the local rainforest in a thrilling adventure, do the “Superman” zip line, flying through the trees on your stomach, as well as the “Tarzan” swing, where you can jump off a platform and swing through the rainforest.

Make Spanish Studies Abroad a True Adventure

The Costa Rican Language Academy can make dreams of exotic sights and adventures a reality – while learning immersive Spanish.  Contact us today to learn more!