Think it’s too Late to Learn Spanish? Studying in Costa Rica Could Change Your Life.

Learn Spanish abroad

The research is pretty straightforward about kids and foreign languages. They pick them up easily, and bilingualism is great for the young mind. It’s commonly believed that it becomes harder to learn a language as a teen, and even more so as adult. So, where does that leave most monolingual, adult Americans? It’s clear that in today’s job market, a second language is needed to succeed. Even more jobs require Spanish fluency for employment, as it’s the second most widely-spoken language in the United States, and expected to gain even more speakers in the next few years.

So, if you’re not fluent in Spanish by the time you’re in college, does that mean you’re doomed? Are second languages only attainable to children? What if you’re an older adult, looking for a change, but need to know Spanish for career advancement?

For college students and older adults alike, there is hope. Although learning languages in adulthood may not be easy, it is 100% possible. Just because children and adults think and learn differently doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. In a recent study, adult language learners did just as well at identifying linguistic errors in Spanish sentences as native speakers. They were able to grasp grammar rules like syntax and word gender, which are usually difficult subjects for Spanish learners.

So, in short, you’re never too old to learn Spanish.

But, where do you start? Even people that take Spanish in school settings often find themselves lacking fluency when all is said and done. Sitting at desks and behind computer screens can help some people begin their language adventure; however, they’re not always the best tools for learning about context, culture, and how to apply the language to your daily life. Particularly in classroom settings, foreign language instruction in the United States is considered dismal.

Why doesn’t it work? Traditional classroom settings don’t offer the full immersion experience that many students need to start speaking Spanish proficiently, and quickly. If you’re attending a Spanish class at your community center for thirty minutes, once a week, there’s not an opportunity to truly apply what you’re learning. Where can you receive high quality Spanish instruction, with the chance to actually speak it? We know where.

At Costa Rican Language Academy, students of all ages can learn Spanish in a land of beauty, culture, and wonder. Our proven, full immersion experience allows you to learn and grow in an environment where you’ll actually apply what you’re learning. As opposed to programs that give you audio samples and grammar sheets once a week, our Spanish studies abroad program immerses you in Spanish 24/7. For any length of time from a short Spring Break stay, to an entire season, you’ll be learning and using Spanish in your daily life. You’ll be applying it in the real world, and in one of its most beautiful places!

Come learn Spanish abroad in Costa Rica for a life-changing experience. Is it time for you to take the leap, and see the world? Do you want the cultural experience of a lifetime? If so, contact us today.