Turn Your Spanish Classes into Something Truly Special with Spanish Studies Abroad Through CRLA

Is there anyone who truly enjoys learning Spanish solely in a classroom environment?  For many, itcan be an unnatural way to study a language, full of rote memorization from textbooks, and often produces students who lack a genuine understanding of how Spanish is spoken by actual natives – something that Spanish studies aboard can fix!

For those who are taking Spanish simply for a required language creditin a classroom, it’s guaranteed they’ll have forgotten what they learned within a matter of years, if not months.  For those who study Spanish specifically to widen their employment prospects, they’re left at a disadvantage even once completing their courses.  And, of course, those who take classes out of a genuine interest will likely be disappointed.

At Costa Rican Language Academy, we offer a genuine alternative: Spanish studies abroad, living alongside native speakers and cultural immersion.  Group trips led by instructors are one of our specialties, and we seek to make it as easy as possible for teachers and students.

Offer Your Students the Language-Learning Opportunity of a Lifetime

There’s no doubt that the most effective way to learn a foreign language is through cultural immersion.  As numerous studies have shown, it does not merely aid in learning the language itself (and often at a greatly accelerated rate) but also brings cognitive enhancements and much better understanding of the culture which inspired the language.

CRLA can custom-tailor group Spanish studies abroad to the needs of your group, regardless of their existing level of Spanish knowledge.  From absolute beginners looking to learn the basics, to textbook-fluent speakers who need to polish their conversation skills, our wide range of classes offer something for everyone.

If you’re looking to improve your own Spanish-teaching abilities, we even offer specialized classes specifically for teachers.

We make it as simple as possible by:

  • Working with you to craft a curriculum which fits your students’ existing skills, timeframe, and budget.
  • Arranging all logistics, including accommodations, food, and homestays – if desired.
  • Make facilities available for you to combine your teaching with ours.
  • Provide full support before, during, and after your visit.

If you’re looking to add further enrichment to your class studies abroad, we also offer a wide range of guided activities such as tours,nature trips, andCosta Rica volunteer programs that would look excellent on any student’s CV.

A learning trip arranged through CRLA is truly unique, one of the best options available for Spanish-learning – and our classes are generally transferable as credit to any university.  

Take your Spanish classes to the next level, and give your students unparalleled opportunity.  Please contact CRLA today for more information!