Upgrade Your Spring Break Experience (and Your Spanish) in Costa Rica

Spring Break has come to mean big beach parties and crazy antics. Though, many students who take part in the classic Spring Break routine only end up getting sunburns on crowded beaches and buying overpriced plane tickets.

Even if you’ve never understood all the hype, you’ve probably been more than happy to take some time off from research papers and all-nighters. You might want to try something new, but you’re not sure where to go.

Why not try a travel experience that lets you learn a language and take a vacation?

The Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) has been the perfect answer for students all over the world. You don’t have to settle for the same old parties, you don’t have to be a fluent Spanish speaker to travel, and you don’t have to stay home.

Instead, you can:

  • Dive into Costa Rican culture
    • The capital of San José is only 10 minutes away and full of museums, dance clubs, and delicious food.
    • Experience the Costa Rican pura vida, “the pure life,” of low stress and relaxation.
    • If you choose to take part in the Homestay program, you can stay with a Costa Rican family and truly get a feel for life in Costa Rica.
  • Take part in a community
    • The CRLA is happy to help students who wish to stay and volunteer with children, the elderly, or wildlife in Costa Rica at an animal rescue center.
  • Travel and explore
    • In addition to providing an amazing language learning experience, CRLA offers travel advice, tour reservations, and great discounts on excursions.
    • You can take a tour in the city or visit the beautiful Tortuga Island. You can still get that Spring Break beach trip, only better!

Now, you might be wondering:

“Why would I want to take a class during my vacation?”

Well, this isn’t your college lecture hall. Spanish courses at the CRLA are immersive, exciting, and teach more than just vocabulary. Our lessons include Costa Rican cooking classes and a Latin dance class. We even offer Spanish classes just for medical professionals.

The CRLA will work with you to design an immersion program that fits your needs and lasts as long as you like.

So, if you’re tired of the typical Spring Break and you’re ready for the experience of a lifetime, contact us for more information. Your next vacation could be an adventure.